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Bots, Digital Assistants and Smartly.AI updates

Bots, Digital Assistants and Smartly.AI updates

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Smartly.AI - May Update: Scalability for NLP

Hi, the 2.10.0 is out with some interesting improvements for your bots!


Smartly.AI - April Update: Shared Memory for Masterbots!


Smartly AI - Feb Update: Chatbots and Privacy

Feature of the month: All in GDPR 🔐We have been through an intense sprint and we can say now that with Smartly.AI, your bots are 200% GDPR compliants!This version comes with some really practical features to make your bot's GDPR compliance simpler:Ability to …


Smartly.AI December Update: Masterbots!

The problem with large monolithic botsWe noticed that once you get serious about bots, you can quickly have 200+ intents in your model, leading to intent ambiguities, and long training cycles.


Smartly.AI November Update: 140+ languages, New Inbox and more!

· 140+ LanguagesCreate your bots in any language! Arabic, Japanese, Romanian, Spanish, Portuguese and more... Check out the full Language Support list along with the available features for each language.


Smartly.AI: New team roles, data download features and more!

· Better CollaborationBecause the collaboration of a pluridisciplinary team is so important to the success of bots projects we added new roles with different levels of access to the assets.


Smartly AI - Issue #13: Get the latest about everything Voice!

'Alexa, book a spa appointment' - Alexa for Hospitality


Smartly AI - Issue #12: Get the top Voice content !

Target bringing it on with the voice-activated coupon! - First Voice-Activated Coupon for Google AssistantAlibaba all over the place! - Daimler, Audi, Volvo now welcome on board AlibabaLost in Space & Audio adventure ! - Audio Adventure on Google Home Spe…


Smartly AI - Issue #11: Digital assistants for a better life !

Please welcome Watson Assistant to join the party… - IBMWatson smart assistant rises to answer Alexa and Google Assistant.… but don’t forget to greet Léa! - Carrefour teams up with Google to create a voice assistant.Alexa giving away a prize of $250 000 - Ama…


The Smart Voice - Issue #10: More smart speakers out and even more languages for Google

Google Assistant coming to 30 Languages and Adding Multi-lingual Support! - Google digging a deep ditch with AmazonTelefonica Launches Aura Voice Assistant - A new voice assistant to partner with Microsoft, Google and FacebookBecome a Bot Master with the Smar…


The Smart Voice - Issue #9: Facebook's Echo Show competitor, smart displays and why every brand will need a voice strategy in 2018!

Apple HomePod release date, news and features - Late (not last) but not least, Siri is finally getting its own smart speaker.Why Every Brand Needs a Voice Strategy in 2018 - The adoption rate of voice technology is the same as that of the smartphone and socia…


The Smart Voice - Issue #8: Biggest voice predictions for 2018 and more...

New Ways to Make Money with Your Alexa Skills - More ways to make money with in-skill purchasing (subscriptions and one-time purchases) and Amazon Pay. Voice assistants in your ceiling? GE teases voice-friendly smart lights for CES!2018 Voice Assistant Predic…


The Smart Voice - Issue #7: New Google Assistant features, a strange new smart speaker and the launch of something very special!

Smartly AI has officially launched its new platform for creating conversational apps for Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and more! We are featured on Product Hunt today, if you are a fan of the platform, feedback and/or an upvote would be greatly appreciated!


The Smart Voice - Issue #6

Amazon’s Alexa can now recognize different voices and give personalized responses - Alexa will know to play music from your Spotify account through just hearing your voice.Marriott improves its user experience with voice technology by installing Alibaba’s Tma…


The Smart Voice - Issue #5: Top Voice and AI Content

Introducing the next generation of Alexa-enabled devices and new opportunities for Alexa Skills Developers - Four new Alexa products have been announced. People to follow in the voice ecosystem - Keep up to date with the most groundbreaking and interesting vo…


The Smart Voice - Issue #4

Microsoft researchers achieve new conversational speech recognition milestone - Microsoft's Cortana can now recognise human speech with the same accuracy as a professional human transcriber.INFOGRAPHIC: World Voice Landscape (updated) - The voice sector is sk…


The Smart Voice - Issue #3

The Network Effect of Voice - How can startups compete against the likes of Amazon and Google in the voice ecosystem?The Smart Speaker Market is About to get Noisy - China’s Alibaba, Samsung and Facebook are reportedly the latest tech giants to announce their…


The Smart Voice - Issue #2: Top AI Content

VOICE 🔊Are smart speakers putting your privacy at risk? - How private can a home with voice activated microphones really be?easyJet becomes first European airline to launch a skill for Amazon Alexa - Alexa is in the air!INFOGRAPHIC: World Voice Landscape - Wh…


The Smart Voice - Issue #1: Top AI Content

VOICE 🔊Microsoft launches Cortana Skills Kit in public preview - Developers get ready!Google Home is coming to France: Why should you be excited? - Visual responses, proactive notifications... there's a lot of reasons!Siri Smart Speaker: Everything We Know - …