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Weekly newsletter of Daniel Ibbertson Aka Dj Slope
Time for another newslettter :D

I have been going crazy this last month with Kickscammers and if my analytics are anything to go by… you guys are really enjoying them :)
You can check out the latest episodes + all the others right here in the following playlist…
Kickstarter's DUMBEST SCAM!
In other news, I have been working behind the scenes on a secret project for the Awesome Oliver Twins (creators of the Dizzy franchise). I cannot explain exactly what it is just yet as I am under NDA but feel free to sign up here and as soon as they are ready to reveal to the world you will be the 1st to know… https://www.panivox.com/
Still, all the secret work has not taken me away from creating my own stuff. Not only do I have a new Kickscammer full written and recorded ready to be edited. But, I just finished off my latest The Complete History… AFTER BURNER!
I say it almost every time… but who knew this series had SO MANY GAMES… well, kinda.
Really enjoyed working on this. clocking in at just under 30 minutes hopefully when you all see it you will notice the extra effort that is being put into these documentaries visually and audibly!
You can check out all of these episodes early by supporting the show here…
In other news, I have really been enjoying the following content over the last couple of weeks…
YOUTUBE: NichePlays is a really small channel with some really high-quality reviews. The latest to grab my attention was his look back at the original Master System Alex Kidd game https://youtu.be/bd8Dzbzjj_8
MUSIC: One of my all-time favorite artists is Serj Tankian and I’m not gonna lie… I really enjoyed my time with Mindless Self Indulgence too! Somehow I missed the fact that they did a collaboration together last year called FUKTRONIC which is 100% NSFW music that sounds like Streets Of Rage audio mixed with London Gangster storytelling! Honestly, it’s just… OK. more interesting than anything else HERE IT IS ON YOUTUBE
WATCHING: The Wife and I are working my way through My Name Is Earl strangely enough at the moment, but besides that, I did watch a documentary that is a tad too biased in my opinion, but, was still a fun watch all about how much the UK like to drink lol HERE IT IS ON AMAZON
Anyway, that’s enough from me. Just setting up my stream for tonight to play The Lion King on Twitch in about an hours time (9PM UK TIME / 1PM EST / MIDDAY PST) as I do every Thursday! If you read this in time, hopefully, I will see you in the chat! https://www.twitch.tv/SLOPESGAMEROOM
Mucho love guys,
DJ Slope xxx
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