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Kickstarter's most FATAL campaigns!

Weekly newsletter of Daniel Ibbertson Aka Dj Slope
Hey there guys, and welcome to the SLOPE’S GAME ROOM newsletter!

Kickstarter’s FATAL Campaigns is this week’s video for the main channel, it focuses on the top 5 worst Kickstarters I have ever covered… a “worst of” if you will! | you can check out that video down below…
Kickstarters FATAL Campaigns
On the 2nd channel this week I was privilaged to showcase the awesome new vinyl from Cartridge Thunder! They even gave me an extra copy to give away for free! check the video below for more details
Comix Zone: Record Unboxing | Review + competition
It’s been a pretty busy week all round actually!
I am working on 2 new Kickscammer video’s for Patreons and YouTube members which should be available soon, based on a very odd GoFundMe buy a 3 breasted lass & an etier episode based on Crypto Kickstartere scams too!
This brings up the total to 5 advanced episodes (when done) Still trying to get back to offering 6 in advance :)
On The Complete History front, as always I have about 20 different scripts at different stages of completion. with the latest being TEKKEN! do not get too excited… this is crazy early days and I still have a long LOOOONG way to go!
Here is the latest Complete History that I posted on the channel
The Strike Series: The Complete History (DESERT, JUNGLE, URBAN, SOVIET, NUCLEAR)
If you want to support the show and see these before they go public links to my Patreon can be found below along with all my other social links…
🕹️ PLAY ASIA affiliate link:
🟣 Twitch:
A little bigger than I usually like to promote here in the newsletter. However, this latest video from On A Retro Tip (Pete) is a full-on 1 hour 40 min in-depth look at the making of Goldeneye. Of course, this topic isn’t exactly new, even I have done a Complete History on the games. What makes this different is how it’s done! NOTHING BUT DEVELOPER INTERVIEWS!
Well worth having on in the background and listening in on these awesome Interviews
The Making of GoldenEye 007 (N64) | Documentary
MUSIC SUGGESTION: Girl In Red - If I could make it go quiet
I am way way behind on discovering this artist. still need to give it more time, but the 1st half of the album is great fun :) Also, been rocking the new Offspring album too.
if i could make it go quiet
I will no doubt refine this Newsletter more in the future. this is me just dipping my toes in, seeing what works. I would like to add MOVIE and GAME suggestions too. However, this last week I have only been playing old games on the PS2 (Jak & Daxter), my new Super NT (Go Go Ackman), and watching that SONS OF SAM crime doc on Netflix :)
Hope you are all staying safe and enjoying life. Mucho Love - DJ SLOPE
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