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This is the third issue in a series lined up week after week. A few pointers before you read through the profiles:
  • The first newsletter went out 12 days back, all the three developers in that received at least three final offers. One has joined and others will be joining in the coming week
  • Please read this issue carefully and slowly, everyone in this issue is out an out rockstar
  • If you haven’t for some reason seen the first and second issue or were added in the system after the first went out, please have a look here:
  • There will be one more going out right after this. Please read each one carefully. It is back-to-back week :)
  • The detailing in the profile is such that you will be able to make a yes or a no decision wrt whether you want to talk further or not
  • Everyone below are developers I have spoken to for close to an hour(or more) or I have known them for a few years and can vouch for their talent and hunger to succeed
  • If you find any/all to be relevant, please reply as soon as possible and I will make the connect. You can follow the process you want from there on. If you don’t find any relevant, please be rest assured that I won’t give up till you find someone truly worthwhile.
  • Newsletter is one way I am doing this, I will be connecting one-on-one with developers whom I think are relevant only for your startup

  1. Rohit( Full-Stack Developer, Web)- Fresher
Background: Rohit is a final year student and his college allows to skip the final year, if he gets a great opportunity to join a company right now. A lot of you loved talking to Jai and Sagar, if that is the case Rohit is an extraordinary case too. He is a deadly combination of Web Developer who knows app development as well.
He is an active open source contributor and successfully completed Google Summer of Code, 2017 under AOSSIE. He has also released number of applications on the Play Store/App Store with one app being downloaded 500K+ times and has around 20k monthly active users. He is a serial hackathon winner if I may say so. Available immediately and can relocate anywhere.
Backend - Node.js, MongoDB, PHP, SQL
Frontend - Javascript[React.js, Redux, JQuery, PWA], HTML, CSS
Mobile - React Native, Flutter
Others - UI/UXPython, Dart, C, C++
CarbonFootprint: A collection of browser extensions, RESTful APIs and visualisations that helps a user understand the impact of its actions on the environment.
Tech Stack: React.js, Redux, Node.js, MongoDB
Raven: A web dashboard created for traffic officials to view and monitor the traffic status in the city, view crowd sourced information of accidents, lookup information of a vehicle plate and send e-Challans.
Tech Stack: React.js, Node.js, MongoDB, Python
artcssy: Pronounced as /ahrt-see/. It is a collection of beautiful static and animated illustrations created using pure CSS.
SSC Exam Practice App: A mobile app with nearly 500K downloads and 20K monthly active users. This app provides user with the latest questions, learning material and syllabus related to SSC and CGL Exams.
Tech Stack: Node.js(Backend only)
My Review: Rohit is an exceptional talent, knows what life at a startup looks like, did not sit for any company at his campus because he is confident at this age he wants to work for a startup and has worked really hard to acquire the skills and implement them in real life. Humble + Hardworking + Talented makes him an easy pick.
Skills- 9/10
Attitude- 10/10
2 Udit(Backend Developer, Experienced)
Udit has 4.2 years of experience in backend development. He has worked with Java and PHP. Has working experience in both startup and a medium sized company environment. He is looking for a challenging role where he can build something from scratch. Location preference is Delhi-NCR.
He has been working at a very well known startup for the last two years and quite happy, he is exploring to see if there in an inspiring opportunity that he can jump into.
In his own words:
“I have good experience in backend development. I have worked with Java and php, handled various SQL and no-sql databases, been part of infra management team (azure and aws) and have built a couple of high traffic systems”
Skills and Tools:
Java, Sybase, SQL server, MySQL, couchbase, PHP, Google script automation, Google ad stack(Adsense, adx, dfp). 
- OpenRTB based programmatic ad selling and buying. 
- Network mediation
- Google ad stack reporting.
My Review: Udit has been at a startup for quite sometime now and if you are looking for a solid backend developer with Java and PHP as the stack, he will be a great person to talk to. He is part of the two people team that handles the entire backend of his current startup.
Skills- 9/10
3 Aditya(Full-Stack, Front-end or Back-end, Experienced)
Aditya graduated from Birla Institute of Technology (BIT), Mesra in 2015. He is a seasoned technology professional with expertise in Full Stack Web development, Microservices and Scaling infrastructure on Cloud. He has 10+ years of experience writing code as a polyglot programmer. He has worked on 50+ applications on backend, 20+ applications in frontend and scaled up architectures using modern Devops practices and technologies like Docker and Kubernetes. He also has considerable experience in training people in MEAN stack where he has trained more than 1500 people online using his course on
He is available immediately after moving out from the CTO role of his startup and location is no bar.
In his own words - 
“The most important skill I have acquired while scaling up my startup from a 100 user portal to a 50K users a month platform is to find the perfect balance between Business need, Product thinking and Technology. I can help get your product/features go to market at a very fast speed with a very lean team. I believe in creating systems that can scale up gracefully and act as a catalyst for business growth. And I have the ability to reverse engineer other systems very fast and iterate them in existing product flow with ease.”
Skills -
Modern Javascript, Typescript, Angular, AngularJS, Node.JS, Express.Js, ReactJS , Restify, MongoDB, Redis,, Zeromq, WebRTC , AWS (All major services) , Serverless (Aws Lambda) , Docker, Kubernetes, Python. 
Live video streaming system using WebRTC - Created a Live Video streaming platform which has features like one-to-one video calling, one-to-many webinar broadcasts, screen sharing, live chat and file sharing system etc. He led the product conceptualization, development, implementation and infrastructure and bought the system into production within a span of 1.5 months with just one frontend and one backend developer under him.
Technologies Used - WebRTC, Angular, Node.JS, Socket.IO and Redis
Automated Code compilation and testing Engines - Single Handedly created code checking engines for Automated code testing of Javascript, Typescript, Angular, NodeJS and its frameworks and cloud deployment. This Engine is being used for automated assignment checking on This engine is much similar to the one you find on platforms such as Hackerrank with the difference that it’s not just capable of Testing a single language but also capable of testing full blown frontend applications and REST APIs.
Technologies Used - Javascript, Typescript, Node.JS, Redis, JEST, Mocha and SonarCube
Monolith to Microservices Migration on a Kubernetes Cluster -  Distributed monolith applications on frontend and backend into a highly sophisticated and efficient microservices based deployment. There are more than 45 services deployed on a Kubernetes cluster which are currently serving more than 3K users per day with an average of 25K page views and 7 million+ API requests with just 6 nodes(servers). This architecture has the ability to scale upto 10 million requests a day without going down.
Technologies used - Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, Gitlab and Terraform. 
My Review: Aditya has been a CTO at a startup that scaled from a few employees to 100+, has been coding for a long-long time and gets inspired by challenging opportunities. You will love talking to him, if you are looking for someone who has got his hands dirty and has the business chops as well
Skills- 9/10
4 Shekhar Prasad( Full-Stack Developer, Experienced)
Shekhar is working as Full Stack developer for the last 1.5 years in Bangalore, India. He is looking for an opportunity where he can improve, enhance his skills and grow along with the company. He loves unix terminal, internet and coffee.
A computer science Graduate from NIT Warrangal in 2017, he is a GSCOer too.
In his own words, this is what life has been for him for the last five years
2013: Shekhar joined NIT Warangal, Computer Science and Engineering department and learnt computer programming (C++) first time.  
2014, 2015 : Learnt C and Java
2016: Understood the importance of unix system and started contributing Open Source Projects, since he wants to write code that people will use directly. He learnt Python and contributed SymPy, Python library for symbolic mathematics.
2017: He became crazy about Open Source Softwares and Github. So he started contributing Ruby Softwares also like bunlder and SciRuby projects.
2017-18: He moved to the corporate world and became Certified Full Stack Developer . He learnt Angular 4, Node.js,  Spring boot and various modern technologies like docker, jenkins, SQL & NoSQL Databases.
Google Summer of Code - 2016 (under SymPy):  Worked on solver module of the SymPy, Python library for symbolic mathematics.
Google Summer of Code - 2017 (under SciRuby): Created daru-view, a plugin gem for daru, (Data Analysis in RUby) is a library for storage, analysis, manipulation and visualization of data in Ruby.
Github Repo Manager - An Angular app : Angular 4 app that uses github API to fetch details about github repo, github user, organization.
DataTables gem : Ruby gem for the jQuery Javascript library DataTables.
My Review: Shekhar is a talent who is hardworking, humble, down to earth and focussed. He has all the bases covered when you are looking for a full-stack(or front-end) talent.
Skills- 9/10
Attitude- 9/10
PS: There will be issue 4 in your inbox even before you might have finished reading this. Please don’t confuse between them.
If there is anything, I can ask from you as a startup it is this:
If you feel, I am giving everything honestly to help you find the next rockstar hire, can you please invite one startup from your network to be a part of SkipTheLine?
Why do I ask this?
Sometimes, you may feel a person is not suitable for your requirement, but can be a perfect fit for something your friend is building. Everyone wins in this manner and my idea of giving back goes to the next level!
Thank you for reading and I look forward to delighting you with every issue by going beyond the call of duty and make you WIN!
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