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This is the first issue in a series lined up week after week. A few pointers before you read through the profiles:
  • The detailing in the profile is such that you will be able to make a yes or a no decision wrt whether you want to talk further or not
  • Everyone below are developers I have spoken to for close to an hour(or more) or I have known them for a few years and can vouch for their talent and hunger to succeed
  • If you find any/all to be relevant, please reply as soon as possible and I will make the connect. You can follow the process you want from there on. If you don’t find any relevant, please be rest assured that I won’t give up till you find someone truly worthwhile.
  • Newsletter is one way I am doing this, I will be connecting one-on-one with developers whom I think are relevant only for your startup

  1. Abhishek(Front-end Developer + UI/UX Designer, Experienced):
Background: Abhishek has 4.5 years of experience as a front-end developer as well as a UI/UX designer, a deadly combination to have. He was till recently working at a leading startup in Bangalore where he led the front-end team. Abhishek started his career as a UI/UX designer and has been doing front-end for the last 2.5 years. A native of Delhi, but based in Bangalore now and available to join immediately
In this own words: “I have worked with multiple product-based startups and had the opportunity to be a part of the design and development of crucial parts of the product”
Skills: Javascript, React, Polymer, Angular, Nodejs, Python/Django, Docker. He is a combination of Web development, native mobile development and UI/UX design
Collaborated in the design and development of the app(previous startup) end-to-end
An internal CRM tool nicknamed coach connect, to service premium clients, he was very closely involved in the design and development of both a web app and native applications(Android).
Has been freelancing with a few clients on web development(front-end) as well as UI/UX
My Review: If I was a running a startup right now and needed a front-end developer with the killer combination of design skills along with the past experience of having worked at a startup, I will hire him. Not because of his skills only, but because of his attitude!
Skills- 9/10
Attitude- 10/10
2. Sayani Bhattacharya(Full-Stack Developer, Fresher):
Background: Sayani completed her engineering in Computer Science in 2018 from Kolkata. She is someone who has kept herself updated about the happenings in the world of startups from her college days and has built her profile accordingly. Right now in Bangalore, she is willing to take on an exciting challenge immediately as a full-stack developer or as a back-end developer
Skills: Has experience of working as an intern and building side projects on Django, React Native and Android in the past, apart from regular projects on Python, JavaScript and C++
In her own words:
I’ve been also involved in developing mobile apps both, iOS and Android platform using React Native singlehandedly for a company.Though, my interest has been to move to Python/Django after I worked at an internal tool building at one of my internship
She built a Peer to Peer Code judge that ran over LAN. Building a tool on top of Django which works as code-judge over a local network. The idea being the students in colleges with no proper internet have difficulty using an online judge.
This project will help them to have a local college-wide judge for local development. The tool involves Django as the framework,MySQL for the database, and Redis as the caching engine.
Built the official app on React Native for an e-commerce company with over 1000 DAU. Built an e-commerce company’s official app on React Native from scratch
My Review: If I was looking to hire a fresh talent who has the skills, aptitude, self-motivation, awareness and a willingness to work with startups, I would talk to Sayani.
Skills- 8/10
Attitude- 9/10
3 Jai Kathuria(Full Stack Developer, Available while in final year): Jai is a very interesting and exciting prospect. He is still in his final year of engineering, but his college allows to skip the year if a startup is willing to take a bet on him. I have known Jai for the last 2+ years. Right now in Chandigarh, he is willing to move anywhere, he finds inspiring work
Skills: HTML, CSS, JS (ES6), ReactJS, NodeJS, and all the way to, Python and Linux Server Administration along with testing using jasmine. 
In his own words(I can testify):
I have worked with various libraries and frameworks like jQuery, knockout but my favorite is React. And moving forward I am working on PWA’s and Offline First Web Applications using Service Workers. Optimization in the frontend section is highly neglected by people but not by me, I have worked on Browser Rendering Optimization and taking an interactive page to accepted target for achieving a “natural” feel by taking its frame rate to 60fps and optimize it’s CRP (Critical Rendering Path). Also, I care about design a lot and when I develop I don’t think as a developer but as a user. I love minimal yet stunning and this is what I prefer to make
PenIt: A social content and discussion web application that allows users to submit content in addition to voting and commenting. Leveraged React
Song Catalog: A web-app to store your favorite songs, create a playlist and play your favorite songs sorted by genre. The web-app features proper implementation of OAuth authentication of various social media and appropriately mapping HTTP methods to CRUD operations in the core features of a properly secured web application. This app is made with FLASK | Materialize | JQuery 
MatchIt: A browser-based card matching game made using jQuery. This app demonstrates simple, minimal UI but a powerful hold over the use of JS and CSS to animate and flip a card. 
My Review: Having known him for a couple of years, he has given everything to learn skills, implement them, teach it to others and keep a hungry mind along with a humble heart. Since, his college allows to skip the final year, if I were looking for a talented full-stack/front-end developer, he would be my guy!
Skills- 9/10
Attitude- 10/10
PS: As promised, I wanted to send the first issue today without missing the deadline. Three developers might be bit of a disappointment, to make up for it, I am going to send one more tomorrow or day after.
If there is anything, I can ask from you as a startup it is this:
If you feel, I am giving everything honestly to help you find the next rockstar hire, can you please invite one startup from your network to be a part of SkipTheLine?
Why do I ask this?
Sometimes, you may feel a person is not suitable for your requirement, but can be a perfect fit for something your friend is building. Everyone wins in this manner and my idea of giving back goes to the next level!
Thank you for reading and I look forward to delighting you with every issue by going beyond the call of duty and make you WIN!
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