JUNE 2021 - Issue #4


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SJ Miller
SJ Miller
Hello June! I’m going to start breaking these down into sections- new stuff, reposts, previews/work in progress, and news/announcements.

New Stuff
⬆️ three images
sir @ sleep
as a huge fan of dudes with too many arms, I am very excited for Elden Ring https://t.co/bnDB8KJZsQ
⬆️ three images
WIP / Previews
sir @ sleep
June sketch/wip dump going up for patrons on Wednesday https://t.co/UAWADQn76q
sir @ sleep
preview of my piece for @FearTarot. WE HAVE SUCH SIGHTS TO SHOW YOU.

look forward to it, the deck is going to be amazing 🔪👀 https://t.co/EsIG7E0lyE
sir @ sleep
Posted this month’s sketch/WIP dump in early access (8 images). https://t.co/vZ1AIPgWRy
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SJ Miller
SJ Miller @sjmillerart

A monthly roundup of all new released art from SJ Miller.
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