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My Dearest,
Since December 1, my show is on! And the experience will continue until Christmas Day, climax and end of The Abduction Show.
Big part of this show online, in regards to my traditional stories, is to write and react to posts. How to draw a ‘Live’ experience?

Drawing a Live Show
Sketch and online portrait of Victoria for The Abduction Game
Sketch and online portrait of Victoria for The Abduction Game
The drawings suggest Victoria De Cock doesn’t exist. So why do I have to confirm this on my DMs? Is the abduction will really take place? My common answer is “What is real?” What is really on Twitter?
Victoria De Cock
Three sissies in Boston, London and Hong Kong are now receiving this following message (If you are not selected this time, don’t miss it on Twitter!)
That’s what I call a Social Reality Show. A reality only surfing on the surface of my screen. Whatever happens, Twitter shows what is ‘Happening now’ and I need my dopamine shoot!
I don’t care about the reality of @victoriadecock I follow, and like, her storytelling. Her December story started with that message sent into the DMs of three Twitter accounts.
Victoria De Cock
Hello, I am excited to announce that you have been selected to be Victoria De Cock’s sex toy for Christmas. Your response is expected in the next 72 hours. Be warned that after responding by YES there will be no turnback. Choose wisely — YES or NO.
Now what? Yes you will witness the abduction of sissies selected by Victoria’s secretary. Yes it will happen a few days before Xmas. Yes it will implies three real persons around the world.
Victoria De Cock
I love the pervert laugh of my secretary after locking three sissies for Xmas. He did a great job. Congratulations.
Scandalous Philanthropist Swears She is Driven by Love!
So what is real? My job as a writer is to make it real. I create background for Victoria and ask real people to interact with her, making her as real as it can get. I know you love her life looking at her photos.
Victoria De Cock
After looking into my phone do you still want to be My Xmas toy?
Phone, Pen, and Twitter, the main ingredients of this Xmas show
Phone, Pen, and Twitter, the main ingredients of this Xmas show
I draw the reality using the code of Netflix, Twitter, or OnlyFans. All that displayed on phones. More exactly, I copy that reality. If I need a Twitter Screenshot, I draw it—to create that strange atmosphere.
Don’t miss the teaser of Sissy Xmas on Vimeo
Don’t miss the teaser of Sissy Xmas on Vimeo
As now you understand, beyond a reasonable doubt, Vickie is really existing on Social Medias. And I have to ask you the big question: Should she open an OnlyFans account?
Here ends this issue! I would love to read your comments, hit the reply button! And, if you liked it, send it to anyone who would like to follow that Social Reality Show for Christmas.
Love always,
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Sissitrix @sissitrix

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