A Mental Lock





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My Dearest,
During Locktober I didn’t send any newsletter, did I miss you? I am back with some great news to lock you again.
This bi-monthly newsletter is a diary of what’s turn me on. It will be quick to read, like two ideas in two minutes.
Don’t you feel miserable sissy? Oooh, don’t make that face I know you like it. I know you accept any Mental Lock.

We love to impose ourselves on a new challenge. A delight of humiliation, something about the weak feeling. How much can we handle and all that pleasure or pain we can get in exchange?
Victoria De Cock
If you love to mentally lock yourself, I have no limit for your fantasy #sissy

Inspiration John S. Dykstra https://t.co/OFo3dQXQcl
What happen in my secret garden full of dark fantasies where I mentally lock myself? It is constraints for pleasure. I build walls around me and dream about a Mistress locking me in here.
A draft of my upcoming social reality show
A draft of my upcoming social reality show
I want to explore these feelings through an interactive story where the readers could find evidence in different places. And, I see Twitter as a place to tell that kind of narrative.
Big news is I am preparing that show for the end of the year. It will be played on Twitter with other sissies who accepted to participate. Victoria de Cock will be the central figure and storyteller.
You should follow her on Twitter!
A draft of my upcoming social reality show
A draft of my upcoming social reality show
In this sort of social reality show, the form and structure of the events are still to define and I search the best format to offer every reader maximal pleasure without being lost or bored!
Victoria De Cock
The other millennials pipe-dreams could be getting happily married, owning their home. Your #sissy dream is living in a cage, being owned and respond to orders. Join Me! https://t.co/NalrTVAoko
Victoria on Twitter will start to show more about this show. The “lock” idea would be the main thing. How to survive when you are abducted and wake up in an unknown world to be abused?
The multiples cages where the sissy belongs…
The multiples cages where the sissy belongs…
Remember my last newsletter, what does Victoria have to say about the Haute lifestyle? It is a depraved life. More to see in the next newsletter about this project. I hope you enjoy the teaser!
Here ends this issue! We are a small group of readers. So, if anyone want to see anything here, please hit the reply button! And, if you liked it, send it to anyone who would like to follow that journey.
Love always,
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Sissitrix @sissitrix

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