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A Masked Reality

We’re doing a naughty thing.
In the last email, I promise to talk about the toy factory that Victoria De Cock is building. Maybe, it is too early. As the phase two of the Fuck toys lab tests started this week, I wanted to say a little more.
This bi-monthly newsletter is a diary of my things. A quick read, not more than two minutes. For this twenty-first shot, it will be about a Masked and alternative Reality. By the way, what’s that thing! Reality?

Masked Reality
In a world built with social norms, we wear a mask — real or metaphorical. We invent personas through makeup, attitude, hairstyles, injections, plastic surgeries and these facades become who we are.
We are tied in a reality we reveal by being masked
We are tied in a reality we reveal by being masked
Hide and show. Show and hide. The public shame and the sexuality of hiding. The shadow is where our fertile imagination stands and we want to mix it with reality: No great sex without fantasy.
B. Gittings, F. Kameny, and Dr. J. Fryer (Dr. H. Anonymous). Photo: Kay Tobin.
B. Gittings, F. Kameny, and Dr. J. Fryer (Dr. H. Anonymous). Photo: Kay Tobin.
This week, I read the story of Dr. Anonymous. The mask is a way to hide, show, and deliver a message. We are broken inside. We want to put it out. We are closeted. The masked face is a message.
'I am a homosexual. I am a psychiatrist'  How Dr. Anonymous changed history
'For Vickie, you gave away everything' How you asked Miss Widow to kill you
Our true colors are revealed when we experience the extraordinary. Your true nature, long hidden deep, will finally awaken. Do not fear. The body is a wondrous thing. When pain exceeds a limit, we feel joy.
'Will you make waves in the fountain of ecstasy?' Watch R100, a bondage film
Life is a show and we, you, all, must play it intensively. No rehearsal, you play live, do your best. In the society of transparency, reject anyone who are saying “I have nothing to hide.” Hide yourself and enjoy!
Here ends this Masked Reality issue!
The next issue will be, once again, A Toy factory! Don’t hesitate to talk about this newsletter elsewhere. Forward this email to anyone you would imagine being happy receiving it. Spread the world!
I would also want to know your ideas. Chances are you know these things better than me! You feel it with a different experience, or you imagine it from a different angle. Share! Hit that reply button.
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