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My Dearest,
Let’s talk about what we like; mostly erotic horror stories with awkward situations, sex scenes, and black and white art. I like also when my stories flirts with the absurd. 
As you know, this newsletter is a diary of my fetishes. A quick bite! Like two ideas in two minutes. For this shot, it will be about a Story and the Flesh. My two obsessions!

Since the end of the last year, I wrote and also drew, some short micro-fictions, now all reunite on my website. You can also read here my first original stories published in an online magazine (I am very proud of that!)
Sex Stories by Sissitrix.
My last publications are made in Redemption Magazine who provides “Transgressive fiction for the masses”. I am published one time a month in the part called “Tansgressive Thursday”. Here is my two stories:
Precious juice by Sissitrix.
Abduction game by Sissitrix.
Original cover for the sex story “Strip Tease”
Original cover for the sex story “Strip Tease”
You know my taste for erotism, violence, in a black and white world. It is Friday evening, time for a good Z movie! Discover this film from the Finlay’s — the most notorious filmmakers in the annals of sexploitation.
The screen title of “The touch of her flesh”
The screen title of “The touch of her flesh”
The touch of her flesh. 
Watch the full movie !
The movie filmed in 1967 by Roberta and Michael Finlay which included was unique for its time; most exploitation films up to that time had either exhibited graphic sex or graphic violence, but never combined the two!
Promo for the first opus of the Flesh trilogy
Promo for the first opus of the Flesh trilogy
Here ends this sevententh issue! Let’s meet again in February for a new edition. Enjoy the cold January with a good film on bed and don’t hesitate to hit the reply button, I love to read about you!
Love always,
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Sissitrix @sissitrix

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