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A Fetish Forest

My Dearest, 
How is your summer? I am in the country side and all my fetishes are emerging: dildo root, humid pond, hole in the ground…
Follow me and kiss my muddy stilettos!
All this is a diary of my fetishes. For this ninth email, it will be about the Fetish vibe of the dark Forest! The title says it all.

I build my idealistic vision of the future from a foundation of egalitarian and horizontally organized power exchange. This is why you will not find me engaging in female supremacy or punishment-centric scenarios—@pruneyou
The flower scene in the movie The Wall (1982).
The flower scene in the movie The Wall (1982).
Bow down to mother nature. Change the way you organize power exchange. All this is a radical task for submissive and fetish slave.
El arte shibari de Fabio Damotta
sacredsadism 18+
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I’m an anarchist
Sub to Mistress in a slave farm. Join a spiritually-centered matriarchy based in indigenous wisdom, eco-feminism, and wholistic femdom.
Femdom Farm
Femdom Farm
Made a little weedwhacker pesto for you degradation subs. You’re welcome!
Who have ever spend the night in the forest know the sexual power of the place—waking up in the fog of some humid mysteries.
𝐅𝐀𝐔𝐒𝐓𝐈𝐍𝐄 𝐂𝐎𝐗 • BSTN 9/12-15 NYC 9/16-19
When comfort and monotony become too painful to bear, I’ll be waiting in the forest to lead you to the pleasures of beauty, pain, and inspiration. ✨🌿

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Embrace the eco sexual aesthetic of the forest. Harvest that divine energy who will drive you wild. Get lost and have sex in the darkness.
Here ends this issue! Let’s meet again in September. If you liked this edition, please don’t hesitate to resend to a friend in need of green sex practices! Enjoy the last drops of your summer 💚
Love always,
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