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A Brainless Bimbo

My Dearest,
Here and now wanna be the house of the rising penis. Enter at your own risk. Does sissy want to be a sex doll?
This issue will be dedicated to the bimbo lifestyle who is uniting all men, women, bi, trans, undefined, and so on…
Why? Not because of the beauty (what is beauty?) but for the act of becoming a sexual toy, available for all.

Brainless Bimbo
The ultimate feminization stage of a femboy would be becoming a bimbo queen, a form of bigger is better. Don’t you want to be a pink dumb doll exposing the most exciting part of your secret sissy life?
ALICIA AMIRA ✨ The Bimbo Queen ✨
Dumb bimbo slut cannot choose between lipgloss and dick - so why not both 💉💄💦
Only on , join now
She is a mind melter. A perverse lolita for beta loser. Who is ready for a dose of bimbofication? We all know what it is when you go a little bit too far in your pink world and discover yourself to be so happy there.
Seduction is much more than beauty. It is fun. It is generous. It is intelligent. It is mysterious. Who ever you are or look like, share your bimbo style with the world and enjoy your 15 min of fame.
This Body Modder Wants to Turn Herself into a Sex Doll
Why deleted Instagram this pic of @CocosBimboXXX?

they said I was offering sexual services.

have to laugh a lot about this. I'm just a fan page. and there were no links in the post
Would you fuck me into bimbo-space, please?💘🍒👄💕
Here ends this issue! Let’s meet again in two weeks for a new email. If you liked this edition, please don’t hesitate to resend it to whoever would enjoy this content. Bimbofy the world! Don’t worry be happy!
Love always,
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Sissitrix @sissitrix

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