Sissi’s Social Reality Show

By Sissitrix

A small push and you are fully locked in my world. Submit to me and get addicted.

A small push and you are fully locked in my world. Submit to me and get addicted.

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A Christmas Toy

You will find below the invitation to the show and I am preparing drawings to make you enjoy this December story.


A Mental Lock

We love to impose ourselves on a new challenge. A delight of humiliation, something about the weak feeling. How much can we handle and all that pleasure or pain we can get in exchange?


A Rich Old Bitch

Love of powerChic in Dior, Victoria has the elegance of the privileged. “Power is where you find it,” She says “Women draw power from the same wells that men do. But they may handle it differently. Love is the source.”


A Slutty Stretching

You are this slut. They finally left you alone. Mistress is still online. She wants you to be totally fucked. You enter the bathroom to prepare yourself for the evening. No. Yes. Show me that inner slut.


A Fetish Forest

I build my idealistic vision of the future from a foundation of egalitarian and horizontally organized power exchange. This is why you will not find me engaging in female supremacy or punishment-centric scenarios—@pruneyou


A Brainless Bimbo

The ultimate feminization stage of a femboy would be becoming a bimbo queen, a form of bigger is better. Don't you want to be a pink dumb doll exposing the most exciting part of your secret sissy life?


An Exposed Bitch

I am working on a story I partially leaked on Twitter a month ago. It is about a secret sissy society who invite selected sluts and perverts to private parties. The members come to watch, taste, and fuck the prey…


A Metallic Hole

A metal jaw opens wide your mouth. You feel defenseless. What are you trying to say? No, trust Mellony. She will never insert anything deep in your throat for pleasure.


A Broken Doll

To be broken is a part of the humiliation. It is about the modification of the body, the mind and the soul. A crash, a repair, and then a transformation in something new. A pimped body!


A Pussycat Destroyer

We are here to teach you everything you want to know about sex! The cock destroyers, a duo of Sophie Anderson and Rebecca More, were one of the most amazing show of these last years.


A Dominatrix Anatomy

Anatomy of a drawingWhat are my drawings made of? I use simple tools and no computer. All the work is done on copy paper with a pencil, a ballpoint pen and my phone for shooting and retouching. That's all!


A Bizarre Torment

Kinky evils liberated in erotic drawingsI have started writing and drawing a new season of White Hole! After Medusa's head in season 1, the new season is about Pandora's box. I work on both the text and the image to build the script.


An Intimate Crash

Beyond pleasure, beyond pain, beyond obsession…