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Sorry for the amount of text in this week's digest, and the (possible) typos that went along with it.

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April 20 · Issue #10 · View online
This newsletter shares a sign of the times in the world of brands, culture & tech. Please read it 🐌, it’ll be worth your time.

Sorry for the amount of text in this week’s digest, and the (possible) typos that went along with it. I just felt like I had a lot to say. HAHA, enjoy.

Epicgram: Make Your Movies Epic
Building Brands in a Social-Media Centered Culture
IVY PARK | A New Brand, Co-founded by Beyoncé
A fun execution for a serious fact.
New Hostel in Town; Generator Hostel
How 'Influencers' Are Changing the Food Scene
Read the article above if you want to better your understanding on social influencers. I’ve been checking out this guy who got interviewed in the article. The way he is building his career around himself (as a brand) is quite inspiring. What I like about it is how easy you can trace his path by simply checking his Instagram. Cause while he was building his 444K followerbase he founded ssssociety and started his own app called The Liquor Cabinet. All from the same tasteful art-directional eye. Hipster? Yes, but it sure proves the fact that one is able to fully create his on his own path through social media, and that’s a powerful thing!
What Facebook is up to the coming years
Teenage Bedrooms From the 90s
Get to know this Parisian Waiter
What a treat to read about this man, who’s content about his position as a waiter, saying; “There are fewer and fewer young people willing to do this their whole life, but yes, it is a career. I hold the same position that I did when I started 35 years ago. I like my profession. It’s interesting to me because you get to meet people, you learn, and you discuss things.”
To finish off with something to listen to, I very much enjoyed listening to this this beat tape. You might like it too.
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