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Care to do good? Drink ThijsTea.
We’ve been helping the guys from ThijsTea with their brand positioning, identity, and their crowdfunding campaign. 
ThijsTea?! Yes, it’s a tasteful iced tea brewed from rejected fruit. Which might sound weird but when you know us Dutchies waste 800.000.000 KG of food on a yearly basis, of which one-third is fruit you might agree with them food waste isn’t something to ignore, it’s something to work with. And so they do. 
Till this point, they’ve saved 2604 KG of fruit. Though this needs to increase in order to make a real impact. Help them make the most out of waste by investing in their crowdfunding campaign via this link.
The Most Innovative Companies of 2017
Calm down! Anxiety is contagious...
Made in Europe: Vrije Vrouwen
That’s it for issue #38, indeed, a short one. Because I felt like sending you something instead of endlessly searching for more
Thanks for reading and don’t forget to question your answers.
O, one last thing: please block your calendar from 5.30 PM - 7 PM on March 30th. Because we’ll be doing our first Chateau Session. In which we explore where the innovation can be found within the world of food & food waste. More info coming soon.
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