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📥 #25, incl; A millenial research tool, an explanation on strategy and a Netflix kijktip by Tony Robbins

A short note from the editor in chief, haha.I really enjoy doing these weekly mailings. So after #25

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August 3 · Issue #25 · View online
This newsletter shares a sign of the times in the world of brands, culture & tech. Please read it 🐌, it’ll be worth your time.

A short note from the editor in chief, haha.
I really enjoy doing these weekly mailings. So after #25 issues you might be wondering why? Well outside of the feedback & compliments you give back to me, it gives me a way to channel my thoughts. It makes me not just read the web throughout the week and let it happen, it forces me to reflect on what’s important about these articles (even if it’s something small). By doing so, I sort of make them my own, it makes me understand them better, and so it makes me apply these findings easier in my day to day doings. Which is an inspiring (read: addictive) feeling. So, now you know why, Enjoy this week’s selection 💥

A talk with Shane Smith
Why Smart People Struggle with Strategy
Have the monks stopped meditating? They all seem to be tweeting.
Beautiful work by Studio Sabine Marcelis
This Guy Makes Shit Graffiti Legible
That’s it for issue #25, thanks for your attention, enjoy your week.
Sometimes .gif's are funny, sometimes they're mesmerising.
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