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#23, incl; Happyplaces, a definition on music, 5 Why's and Wabi Sabi

This weeks newsletter is slightly different. Instead of just sharing a selection of articles and such

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July 20 · Issue #23 · View online
This newsletter shares a sign of the times in the world of brands, culture & tech. Please read it 🐌, it’ll be worth your time.

This weeks newsletter is slightly different. Instead of just sharing a selection of articles and such, I decided to add a few thoughts I’m currently thinking about. Why? Two reasons: 1. It’s important to have - aside from a to-do list - a things to think about list (as Seth said) and 2. every now and them you should do things a little different, in order to keep them interesting.

Thinking About... Wabi Sabi
Recently I (re)discovered the art of Wabi Sabi. Wabi Sabi is defined as the beauty of things imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete. This Japanese aesthetic truly moves me, because it answers to questions on why we should leave things as they are, why nothing is timeless and what’s the beauty of it all. Not in a theoretical/factual way, but on a philosophical manner. This gives me space to think. You care to know more about this? Start by watching this short introduction and continue reading this. Or just keep your eyes open, because it’s everywhere around you.
A Tumblr Worth Scrolling
Stories on Happyplaces
Crew Labs
Thinking About... 5 Why's
We all know the Start with the Why theory by Simon Sinek. But why not ask yourself 5x why? 5 Whys is an intensive technique used to explore the cause-and-effect relationships underlying a particular problem. The primary goal of the technique is to determine the root cause of a problem by repeating the question “Why?” …an interesting way on finding out what’s up.
The Function of Music
Thinking About... if Fast Adaptation is The Way to Go in Tech?
I’m impressed by the speed of adaptation in today’s tech world. It shows you have to act (quick), in order to make a difference. But how sustainable is this? Well, let’s see if these are sustainable additions or simply funny spinoffs. Here are some examples to explain my point:
  1. Pokémon Go exploded last week, and already a company stepped up by building drones specially made for catching Pokémons. O, and check out this informative analysis on the impact the game has and why that’s a good (and a bad) thing.
  2. This company, setting up a marketplace offering people the chance to buy custom-made Snapchat geofilters. So, not doing it themselves, but providing the platform in order to let others do the work.
  3. Emojis won’t be going anywhere soon, so why not bring them into real life? That’s exactly what this and this company is doing.
That’s it for issue #23. I’m curious what’s on your things to think about list? Let me know by replying on this mail. Or you don’t; even goeie vrienden.
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