#18, incl; feeling stuck, power windows and a 24h timepiece

I've decided to do an ultra visual newsletter this week. Not because I'm lazy but because I felt doin

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June 15 · Issue #18 · View online
This newsletter shares a sign of the times in the world of brands, culture & tech. Please read it 🐌, it’ll be worth your time.

I’ve decided to do an ultra visual newsletter this week. Not because I’m lazy but because I felt doing so. You? What do you prefer?

Feeling stuck? Read this personal and beautifully written essay by Jonathan Harris.
I love the ritual and the performance part behind these dipped paintings, click on the image to learn more.
A 24-hour timepiece, beautifully designed to change the way you see your day. #want
After watching this trailer, I do not dare to watch the film. Well done!
It's facinating to see how Bang & Olufsen stays relevant in the world of design and HiFi. #want
Looking for luck? Meet people who are not like you.
This is my brother, he's a musician. Listen to his music, you might like it.
That’s it for issue #18. 
Have a great week and don’t forget to enjoy the little things in life.
Miniature interventions, by Slinkachu.
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