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By Simon Trümpler

Keep always up to date when new articles, videos or other bigger news happen around Simons blog!

Keep always up to date when new articles, videos or other bigger news happen around Simons blog!

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Simon's old VFX & Workflow Tricks

Hello lovely people!I've released a post about my old effects in Sacred (2009) and RiME (2017) and prepared many breakdown videos:View on my blogView as Twitter-ThreadView on Artstation I've also released 3 new workflow tipps:Gif like a ProTerminate Software …


Adding Motion to Concept Art

My talk "Adding Motion to Concept Art" is online and you can watch it for free! I'd love to hear your feedback!🎦 Watch: 💾 Project Files & Step by Step Guide: 💘 The other amazing talks: http…


Simonschreibt Live! "Adding Motion to Concept Art"

I'm live this Friday!I'll give a little live talk/presentation this Friday (Oct 7th) with the topic "Adding Motion to Concept Art" in context of the Experience Points Expo 2022!⏰ When exactly?7 PM (UK, UTC/GMT+1) this means e.g.:New York, USA               Fr…


Simonschreibt Newsletter - Issue #3

New Project (Files) + Mini BreakdownHello lovely people!I gave a Tech Art Class for students of the SAE school (If you would like having me giving this class to your students/team, let's talk!) with the goal to create only ONE shader which can be reused for M…


Simonschreibt Newsletter - Issue #2: My GDC Talk

My TalkHello all you nice people! I gave my GDC Talk and here you can find the recording released in the GDC vault as free content:Visual Effects Summit: How to (Not) Create Textures for VFX.Extra ContentThe Slides, Resource Database, Unreal Project Files, Su…


Simonschreibt Newsletter - Issue #1

Hello all you nice people! This is my first little newsletter and I hope you like it. Have a very nice time wherever you are and stay safe! New EffectI finally finished a new effect: Whispy Swooshy Boom: TalkI'll g…