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Simonschreibt Newsletter - Issue #3

Simon Trümpler
Simon Trümpler
New Project (Files) + Mini Breakdown
Hello lovely people!
I gave a Tech Art Class for students of the SAE school (If you would like having me giving this class to your students/team, let’s talk!) with the goal to create only ONE shader which can be reused for MANY different effects (fire, smoke, water, item flare, forcefield, projectile trail, ads). This should save the students a lot of time during production. The idea was to keep the shader relatively simple. The main ingredients are 2 gray scale textures (one gives structure, the other one serves as mask), 1 normal map (for distortion & refraction), 1 LUT for colorizine the gray scale values and features like controlling the UV distortion on X, Y and over time.
Project Files, Details, etc. in my Artstation post:
Have a very nice day!

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Simon Trümpler
Simon Trümpler @simonschreibt

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