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Updates from Simion Hurghis | a digest of my 20s


Updates from Simion Hurghis

May 9 · Issue #1 · View online

Updates from Simion Hurghis
Serial Entrepreneur | Author | Black belt | Explorer @

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My updates will be a mix from my entrepreneurial activity, written materials and explorations with thoughtSeekers.  

A digest of my 20s
I was looking over some articles of things to do in your 20s and I disliked the sexual or purely adventurous tendency of most and the analytical, to-do-list, diligent-sounding, fit-into-the-square tendency of others.
Therefore I wrote my own list on Medium here. Don’t worry, it’s never too late to do them, feel free to give me feedback and share your list with me!
Click on the picture to read the article
Click on the picture to read the article
January 2017 in Asia
We wanted to concept-test the gastronomy MVP we are currently working on and decided to do a bit of customer development in China and the food paradise of Singapore (I admit that we combined fun with work and used the opportunity to taste the amazing foods with which SE Asia treats its visitors).
Still playing with the thought if/when/how you should expand your business to China and which strategy to adopt? Check out some statistics and conversations in my article on Linkedin.
Click on the picture to read the article
Click on the picture to read the article
I recently published my summarized answer to the question “why do we live” in the form of a short book entitled “On consciousness development”. Discover introspections on life written at 25 years old after visiting 50 countries at less than 5 dollars on Amazon.
The ones who know me better know that I never stop between my entrepreneurial activity, explorations through the world on motorbike with thoughtSeekers, the path on accomplishing the black belt in Tae-Kwon-Do, the foreign languages I speak, the musical instruments I play, however, we all need introspection moments to reach our own conclusions.
Click on the picture in order to get to the book
Click on the picture in order to get to the book
We drove more than 80.000 km and travelled more than 40 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa in our 7 trips.
Started in 2012, thoughtSeekers is a video motivational platform where individuals with outstanding attitudes and incredible achievements are being featured in short videos. thoughtSeekers aims to motivate and inspire.
We have updated the platform (a few videos and articles aren’t yet transferred from the old homepage, will follow in the next weeks), you can check a few videos on Facebook here.
Click on the picture to check out thoughtSeekers
Click on the picture to check out thoughtSeekers
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