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Startup Digest Silicon Valley-SF Bay Area - Issue #86

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Silicon Valley-SF Bay Area

The personalized insider newsletter for all things startup in Silicon Valley & the San Francisco Bay Area.

Interesting Reads
Some analysts argue the tech industry is bigger, more mature and stable than in the go-go 1990s, which may shield its workers from the pain of previous busts. Others note that after the dot-com bubble burst in 2000, tech work began disappearing only a year after the stock market crash.
t may not have been so clear until now, but San Franciscans have been losing patience with the city’s leadership for a long time. Nothing did more to alienate them over the years than how the progressive leaders managed the city’s housing crisis.
America’s next recession will almost certainly be milder and more pedestrian. But because the world economy, asset markets and America’s politics are all fragile, it may yet have nasty and unpredictable consequences.

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