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Startup Digest Silicon Valley-SF Bay Area - Issue #66

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Silicon Valley-SF Bay Area

The personalized insider newsletter for all things startup in Silicon Valley & the San Francisco Bay Area.

Interesting Reads
I did what any developer friend would do - I said I could build it over the weekend. It was Friday. Whatever we did that weekend made it possible for him to onboard the first restaurant on Monday. But this story is not about me being a superb engineer, which I am not. It’s about scaling down.
I’m not saying that you should deliberately try to think of weird ideas, but rather that you should be willing to explore weird ideas in the process of making your users happy. If you have to choose between making users happy and the conventional wisdom, choose users.
While wealth distribution follows a power law, the distribution of human skills generally follows a normal distribution that is symmetric about an average value. The same is true of effort, as measured by hours worked.

Closing Keynote: What Asia Mobility means for U.S. Business – US-Asia Technology Management Center (FREE)
Forum Live: Changing the Face of Gaming Culture with Damon Packwood of Gameheads (FREE-$10)
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