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Startup Digest - Silicon Valley-SF Bay Area - Issue #3

Interesting Reads Will Silicon Valley face up to its diversity problem? ( African-Ameri
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Silicon Valley-SF Bay Area
Silicon Valley-SF Bay Area
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Interesting Reads
African-Americans account for 3% of workers at America’s five biggest technology firms and probably less at smaller ones. About one in 50 partners at venture-capital (vc) firms is black. The figure among vc-financed entrepreneurs is one in 100. Such dismal numbers, and Silicon Valley’s meritocratic pretensions, help explain why tech’s response to the killing of George Floyd has been louder even than other industries’.
Through thousands of founder surveys and dozens of interviews, we’ve discovered that founders get value from SUS in three key areas: curriculum, accountability and community. We’re making changes program-wide to better focus on those pillars.
Designers loved Figma and this drew initial distribution. But a tool designers love, while a prerequisite for success, does not fully capture the root of Figma’s traction so far. While Figma has been building the ideal tool for designers, they’ve actually built something more important: a way for non-designers to be involved in the design process.
To conclude our trilogy on Online Art, we talk to scholars/artists/inventors who are actually doing it. With Jiabao Li, Alex Reben and Craig Hobbs. Jiabao Li is a media artist who graduated from Harvard Graduate School of Design and from National University of Singapore with a Master of Electrical Engineering. She is currently a prototyping designer at Apple, inventing and exploring new products, interfaces, and technologies. Alex Reben, a graduate from the MIT Media Lab, is an inventor and artist. Using “art as experiment” his work allows for the viewer to experience the future within metaphorical contexts. Craig Hobbs is Associate Professor of Digital Media Art at San Jose State University, directing the CADRE laboratory for New Media.

Which opportunities arise online for interaction between art and science? Much collaboration is created when people are in physical proximity, in the same campus or in the same building. Does the online world foster or deter interdisciplinary collaboration? The online world tends to create echo chambers, where one looks for what one is already familiar with, not with the unfamiliar. How can we foster collaboration across disciplines in the online world? A conversation with Bettina Forget (director of SETI Institute’s Artist-in-Residence program), Jennifer Parker (founding Director of OpenLab), Curtis Frank (Professor in Chemical Engineering at Stanford and the Senior Associate Dean for Faculty and Academic Affairs in the School of Engineering), Joel Slayton (founder of the CADRE laboratory at SJSU and former Executive Director of Zero1), and Piero Scaruffi (cultural historian, founder of LASER and LAST festival).

The pandemic forced many activities to move online, and the art world was not spared; but what does it mean to move art online? The pandemic provides an opportunity to rethink art on and for the medium of the Internet. Which art is “exhibited” online (as opposed to just “documented”)? What is an online exhibition of art? The World-wide web “is” an exhibition of offline art, and any artist’s website is an exhibition of the artist’s physical art: but is that really an “exhibition”? or is it just the equivalent of a book describing the art? What do artists do online that they don’t do in a physical space? What is the role of the curator in an online exhibition? What is the role of the gallery and of the museum for online art?
A discussion with Caroline Jones (Professor of Art History at MIT), Joel Slayton (founder of the CADRE laboratory at SJSU and former Executive Director of Zero1), Chris Chafe (Director of Stanford’s Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics), and Piero Scaruffi (cultural historian, founder of LASER and LAST festival).

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