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Startup Digest Silicon Valley-SF Bay Area - Issue #1

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Silicon Valley-SF Bay Area
Silicon Valley-SF Bay Area
The personalized insider newsletter for all things startup in Silicon Valley & the San Francisco Bay Area.
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A conference, or an ‘event’, is a bundle. The only part of that bundle that obviously works online today is the content. It’s really straightforward to turn a conference presentation or a panel into a video stream, but none of the rest is straightforward at all.
What do Black people in technology feel enabled to work on? There seems to me to be this overriding belief that the most value a Black person can bring to the technology community is to turn their energy towards “Black things”. This is to say that if you are not directly working towards diversity initiatives, funding other Black people, building directly for Black people — you are not the voice to be elevated.
Do you work at a company with mostly white people? Are the handful of Black people at your company mostly serving everybody in some way (receptionists, security guards, cafeteria staff, and so on)? Considering this country’s history of forcing Black people into servitude and subjugation, how much longer will you allow yourself to be pampered like this at work by this particular group of people?
This Week's Events
By developing growth marketing plans consciously you’ll uncover more opportunities and loyal fans. In this session, you’ll uncover a new perspective on how to build smart strategies that maximize your budget and keep in line with your values.

Upcoming Events
Competitive analysis is common when creating a product strategy. What can you replicate from successful strategies or improve upon? In this session, fmr Netflix VP Product Management, Gib Biddle, discusses 5 different strategy frameworks to enable product leaders to define their product strategy. In this webinar, Gib brings all five frameworks to life, as he presents a mock 2020 product strategy for Netflix. See how strategy influences day-to-day decision-making through 2 modern Netflix cases, including a special COVID-19 question: Should the company launch “Netflix Party” to enable worldwide members to engage in shared viewing experiences?

The WITI Summit, June 22-4 in San Francisco, is the premier global event for women in technology, held between San Francisco and Silicon Valley. Executives, entrepreneurs and technology thought leaders from around the world convene to build and expand strong connections in a welcoming environment and to foster women’s success in all technology related fields and organizations. 1,800+ attendees from 4 continents. Use code partner2020 for $200 discount off the prevailing cost of a 3-day pass.

Blockchain is one of the more intriguing emerging technologies around. What has developing a blockchain solution taught us about building products using emerging technologies? In this session, Ripple Product Lead, Craig DeWitt, discusses how to leverage cutting edge emerging technologies, such as Digital Assets, to bootstrap new multisided ecosystems from scratch. The talk begins with an overview of identifying the technological platform and moves on to deciding which of your stakeholders are customers vs partners. From there, we’ll discuss leveraging all three (platform, customer, partners) as instruments to build valuable ecosystems.

As a Product Manager, you’re responsible for delivering products and features that both delight customers and move the company closer to its top-line metrics. However, how do you know whether the individual features you ship each sprint or each quarter are successful?

Blackstone LaunchPad powered by Techstars presents Techstars Startup Weekend Silicon Valley Womxn 2020. Learn, network, and start a business in just 54 hours, Startup Weekend is coming to Silicon Valley. Register today at

Join us this April for DevPulseCon’s 6th annual technical conference! This is the only hyper-focused technical conference for women* engineers, technical product/project/program managers, developers, users, system administrators, Open Source contributors, scientists, mathematicians, and geeks. We unite 300 professionals for two powerful days of learning, networking, and fun! For more information visit *Women includes all significantly woman-identified people, whatever their journey. Attendance is capped at 300 attendees to ensure a vibrant safe-space and community building/networking.

“Impact 1 billion live” Thousands of world-class founders, developers, community leaders,angels, investors and entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley and around the globe will gather to engage with industry experts, network with potential partners, and see groundbreaking companies that will define our future. . Global Community Leadership Summit Founder World 2020 features a Global Community Leadership Summit (GCLS) represented by over 100 global community leaders, organizers and community managers. 

Understand more about Digital Disruption, Innovation and Entrepreneurship and how it will impact your child’s future.
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