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By Sikander Hayat Khan

Trump Incites Violence, Death of Conversation, and Pervasive Hypocrisy



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Trump Incites Violence, Death of Conversation, and Pervasive Hypocrisy
By Sikander Hayat Khan • Issue #2 • View online
Welcome to the second issue of Saturdays with Sikander!
Just as a reminder, here’s how things are going to go: I’ll kick off with a newsworthy and interesting story from this week, share a few articles I think are well worth your time, and then leave you with a topic of conversation/something to think about.
And in this week’s news: Trump incites violence against the FBI
A lot’s happened since last Saturday. But one story in particular caught my eye. And for good reason, too.
A Trump supporter went to the FBI field office in Cincinnati armed with an AR-15 style rifle and a nail gun, firing the latter, and losing his life in the process.
The act of violence comes as no surprise. However, this is more than merely “Trump inciting violence.” This was, if put in context, an act of “self-defense.”
You can read my article on this incident, which looks at Trump-incited violence more holistically, to find out why:

Trump Has Already Incited Violence After the Raid at Mar-a-Lago | by Sikander Hayat Khan | Area 84 | Aug, 2022 | Medium
Something worth reading:
Conversation is Dead. We Killed It | by Scott Mayer | Jul, 2022 | Medium
Have you ever tried to have an intellectually stimulating conversation with someone only to realize they weren’t listening to discuss ideas but rather solely to win?
Then this one’s for you.
Something to think about:
Hypocrisy. From both the Left and the Right.
You’ll see it frequently. Most often, it’s in the form of “they don’t tolerate opposing viewpoints. They’re simply not ready to listen to something that doesn’t conform with their worldview.”
The irony here is this statement is almost always made immediately after denouncing the other side as “ignorant,” “malicious,” and “fascist,” and after branding their ideology as “bereft of science” and “stupid.”
Thereby leaving us with one-sided screeds where the ones who blame others for not listening are the same people who’ve declared they aren’t ready to listen in the first place.
That’s all from me this week.
I hope you enjoyed this issue and, if you did, I’d appreciate it if you’d share it with your friends. Here’s the link.
Thanks for reading and see you next Saturday!
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Sikander Hayat Khan

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