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The Brexit Lie, Struggling to Survive, and Indoctrination

The Brexit Lie, Struggling to Survive, and Indoctrination
By Sikander Hayat Khan • Issue #3 • View online
Welcome to the third issue of Saturdays with Sikander!
Just as a reminder, here’s how things are going to go: I’ll kick off with a newsworthy and interesting story from this week, share a few articles I think are well worth your time, and then leave you with a topic of conversation/something to think about.
And in this week’s news: Britain’s next PM exposes the Brexit lie
Okay, this is technically last week’s news, but it’s worth mentioning.
In a leaked audio, Liz Truss - the woman who, for all intents and purposes, is going to be Britain’s next PM later this year - laid bare how the Right manufactured xenophobia and lies about Europe to ‘Get Brexit Done.’
It’s a pretty big bombshell, because it completely exposes how the populist Right, whether in Britain or America, operates.
For more on how they manipulate peoples’ anxieties and insecurities in order to create alternate realities, you can read my article on this here:

Britain’s Next PM Has Exposed the Populist Right | by Sikander Hayat Khan | Area 84 | Aug, 2022 | Medium
Something worth reading:
Britain, in many ways, is starting to collapse. Millions are going hungry and 54% of British households are expected to be in fuel poverty by October, with even more to follow come the new year.
In times like these, when hunger and poverty are rampant, Liz Truss - Britain’s incoming PM - is planning for tax cuts.
It’s easy to say how that’ll affect the economy and how it would make the lives of the millions already struggling that much worse. But that’s looking at things on a macro level. And sometimes, trying to get to grips with the micro can be just as useful.
Which is why I’m sharing this article. It’s a window into the life of someone who is a part of those ‘millions’ - someone who is going past the brink.
Something to think about:
We have a certain vulnerability when it comes to ideology.
We can be captivated, engaged, and downright manipulated. Our capacity for rationality and free-thinking destroyed. We turn into bots who, without thinking critically, jump to defend or attack. All that matters is that ‘our side’ wins.
Little epitomises this phenomenon quite as well as the recent debate on transgenderism - the exposé of hospitals carrying out “gender affirming care” to be exact.
A number of Conservative big-shots across America have come out with stories and exposés of hospitals who’ve been - under the guise of “gender affirming care” - been carrying out what is, in essence, genital mutilation of minors.
This has received some serious blowback, even from within the Gay community. But those who’ve been completely indoctrinated have defended these hospitals, accusing these Conservatives of “stochastic terrorism” or of “harrasing childrens hospitals.”
This defense, mind you, comes in the wake of hospitals themselves admitting they’ve been operating on minors.
Which goes to show just how bad things can get. That people, otherwise well-meaning people, can get so wrapped up in ideology that they come to the aid of those mutilating minors.
Something to think about.
That’s all from me this week.
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Thanks for reading and see you next Saturday!
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Sikander Hayat Khan

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