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By Sikander Hayat Khan

Ditching Trump, The Death of Comedy, and Blind Followers



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Ditching Trump, The Death of Comedy, and Blind Followers
By Sikander Hayat Khan • Issue #4 • View online
Welcome to the 4th issue of Saturdays with Sikander.
Just as a reminder, here’s how things are going to go: I’ll kick off with a newsworthy and interesting story from this week, share a few articles I think are well worth your time, and then leave you with a topic of conversation/something to think about.
And in this week’s news: Should the GOP ditch Trump for good?
Earlier this week, Ben Shapiro took to Twitter to voice his displeasure over the Republican party’s tendency to always make everything about Trump. It was bringing them down, he said. Putting them behind in the polls. And the Democratic party’s aware of that, he went on to say. It’s why they don’t talk about topics like Biden, the economy, or Afghanistan. They stick with Trump because they know he’s their Achilles heel.
But could the GOP truly ditch Trump? Even if they wanted to? Or are they stuck with him for good?
You can read more here if those questions pique your interest:

Ben Shapiro Thinks Trump Is Killing The Republican Party | by Sikander Hayat Khan | Area 84 | Aug, 2022 | Medium
Something worth reading:
I’m going to go out on a limb here and say, like me, you too think comedy is dying. It no longer, for the most part, pushes boundaries like it’s supposed to. It doesn’t make you laugh at things you know deep down you shouldn’t be laughing at. And all because comedians are no longer allowed to say the things they truly want to say.
We, as a society, have become far too sensitive. We take ourselves too seriously. We don’t listen to laugh but to pick holes. To find something we can later expose. After all, if we don’t, how will the world know just how much we care about the oppressed?
This is what this piece talks about, and more - a lot more. And it does it in a tone that I would only fail to match. It really is worth a read:
Woke Trigger Warnings Are Killing My Favourite Art Forms | by Argumentative Penguin | The Arctic Circular | Aug, 2022 | Medium
Something to think about:
It’s easy to take something as Gospel when it’s said by someone you ideologically agree with. We don’t fact-check, after all. And we certainly don’t even entertain the notion they could be downright lying.
I mean, if we did, that would mean our entire worldview could be based on a lie, wouldn’t it? That our opposition to “evil” is fruitless and pointless? That we were, essentially, duped?
The way the American Right is managing to convince their fellow countrymen that Biden’s recent speech in Philadelphia was divisive and hateful is a prime example.
They said Biden turned Trump voters into America’s enemy and that he was now going to use the power of his administration against him. But watching his speech with the intent to listen - and use common sense - rather than a desire to simply spin it for political points would be enough to pick this narrative apart.
But many aren’t going to do so. They’re going to follow what politicians and commentators on the Right are saying, and they’re going to follow it blindly. Meaning nearly half the country will be believing a reality that simply doesn’t exist.
And once you factor in what that reality says - that you’re president is out to get you - do you realize just how dangerous this could be.
That’s all from me for this week.
Thanks for reading & see you next Saturday.
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