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Welcome to Sid's Game Dev Log!
By Sid Shanker • Issue #1 • View online
Hello! I’m Sid, and welcome to my Dev Log!
I’ve been playing video games pretty regularly since I was a kid, and have always felt like magic to me. Even now that I’ve been a software engineer for a while, it’s still a pretty big mystery to me how games work.
To fix that – I’m going to start making games this year!
In this newsletter I’ll be sharing my thoughts, weird bugs, frustrations, successes, and since I’m an infrastructure engineer, probably a lot of complaints about tooling 😜. I’ll also be sharing thoughts about games I’ve been playing and other gaming-related content!
My first game is going to be an Among Us-inspired top-down multiplayer game, with a dynamic similar to Assassins. Stay tuned for more details!
As a warning, these emails might be somewhat inconsistent, since I have a full-time job, and might at some point have a social life. But til then – enjoy!

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