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Letters from ShyStoryteller - Issue #3

Divya Vartika
Divya Vartika
Hi Guys,
I know I missed several weeks after re-starting my newsletter. I know not an impressive start. But sometimes life has other plans. 
Being a writer comes with its own set of challenges and I am barely starting to identifying the issues. Actually, being able to solve them will be a long journey still.
Last several weeks I have been struggling with the famed Writer’s Block. This is a term that everyone can relate to, no matter if they write or not.
The basic issue is that you are trying to create something but no matter how hard you try, the ideas are just not coming or execution is just not happening.  
For writers, it looks like staring at the blank page. Maybe for artists, it might look like staring at the blank canvas. 
There might be a lot of reasons for experiencing such a block. Many experts have different strategies regarding overcoming this. I will not get into that. I can just talk about what helps me. And the point to be noted is that what helped me this time might not work next time. 
This time, reading came to my rescue. The more I read, the more I wanted to write. I think reading is my cure for pretty much everything. When I am sad or depressed or sick in any other way, if I can read, all will be well. 
So, let’s talk about books now
I watched Shadow and Bones series on Netflix. The show was fantastic. I knew it was based on books and usually, any movie or show based on books is pretty disappointing. But not this time. I hadn’t read this book before watching the show but the show was so good that I just had to read the books.
The first season of the series is based on the first book of the Shadow and Bones book series. I ended up reading the entire trilogy in just a few days. I still have four more books in the same universe but I am not reading them right away as I really want to drag out the experience as long as I can. 
I am torn between my love for books and the series. The series changed a few things from the book but the changes ended up making me love the series even more. This is a first for me when I liked the adaptation more than the book itself.
The second season of the show is already announced and I am sure I am going to binge watch it as soon as it comes and it can’t come soon enough. 

Shadow and Bone (The Shadow and Bone Trilogy, #1)
Shadow and Bone (TV Series 2021– ) - IMDb
This Week's Posts
This week I just wrote one post. Not surprisingly, it too was about a book. I won’t talk about another book here. Rather, I’ll just link my post in case you are interested.
Project Hail Mary And Plot Twists - Shystoryteller
Thank you for all the patience and love you guys have shown me. It really means a lot to me.
Divya Vartika
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Divya Vartika
Divya Vartika @Divyavartika

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