Issue #2 - Confidence and Skills



Divya Vartika
Divya Vartika
Hope you had a great week and are staying safe.
This week I came across a video about confidence and that got me thinking a lot about what confidence means for me and does it always mean the same thing for everyone all the time.
When I was in school, it was common for me to take part in extra-curricular activities and more often than not it landed me on the stage in front of the students and faculty. Surprisingly, I felt no fear or anxiety. Rather, I enjoyed the time I would spend with my friends in rehearsals. 
Back then, confidence was not needed to get up on the stage. I needed more confidence in finishing a run on sports day where I invariably finished last. 
In college, class presentations seemed easier than making new friends. The same continued in my job. 
What I realised is that confidence means different things for different people. And it changes as per the life situation you are in. 
Like an expectant parent would need confidence in his/her parenting skills and might already feel confident in other areas.
Most of the articles/videos/books talk about building confidence in public speaking or talking to strangers. Dale Carnegie’s famous book “How to Win Friends and Influence People” is a great example of that. 
But what I believe is that we need confidence for different skills at different phases in our lives. And confidence and skills go hand in hand. The more skill we have, the more confident we feel and the more confident we are, the better we get at that skill.
So, I believe that there is just a simple way to build confidence. 
The first step would be to identify what’s your current life circumstance. Do you need more confidence in your culinary skills or in your communication or it might be something completely different? 
The next step would be to identify the smallest possible step to improve that skill. It may be just boiling water for your first cup of tea or practising your speech in front of the mirror. When we do that small step successfully, that gives us the much-needed confidence to keep moving forward. 
Slowly we build up the momentum and keep going gets easier.
Lets move on to the interesting things I came across this week:
Westland Books started 31 days 31 free books campaign on 7th May. They are making one book free each day. Do check out their Facebook Page (link below) to see if you are interested in the free book of the day.
Westland Books - Home | Facebook
A few weeks back, Amazon had a World Book Day event where they made 10 books from across the world free for one day. The books are no longer free, but they are now on Kindle Unlimited. It’s an interesting collection of books covering a variety of genres. Do check out the link and maybe you will find something you like.
Discover World Book Day
What I wrote this week
I wrote two posts this week. One was a short story, and the other was a book review of a book I really loved. Check them out below:
Not A Princess Anymore - Shystoryteller
The Midnight Library And Search For The One Perfect Life - Shystoryteller
That’s all for this week. See you soon.
Divya Vartika
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Divya Vartika
Divya Vartika @Divyavartika

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