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The Shuffle Curiousatorial: 2nd Edition

The Shuffle Curiousatorial: 2nd Edition
By The Shuffle Team • Issue #2 • View online
Shuffle Curiousatorial - a curated editorial for the curious minds.
We are back again with the second edition of the Curiousatorial covering a few of this week’s top posts and profiles. Enjoy!
In case you missed it, or just joined Shuffle, you can also check out our inaugural edition.

Shuffler Shout-out
Shout-out to these beautiful profiles that show the breadth and depth of Shufflers in all their splendor: Sukriti, Martha and Rajat.
Posts Highlights
Per shares a rough recording of his song Ghosts of the Sonora from his first real collaborative songwriting session.
Gary made his Shuffle debut with a beautiful photograph he shot on a 30 year-old expired film that belonged to his photographer father.
Cinematic Arts
Kyle shared the a digital story he made as part of Storytelling workshop, inspired from a collection of images.
Body Art
Darcy showcases her Mehendi Piece that combines Henna with Jagua to create this beautiful art.
Gardening & Horticulture
Katy shares her beautiful painting from 2012 and reflects on the process of view one’s own work you have made on in the past.
Human Geography
George shares an informative visual story about water sharing across borders, focusing on the conflict between Texas and Mexico.
Fiber & Textile Arts
Learn about how you can use food scraps to dye clothes from Stephanie and Mahalia.
Sometimes, the comments are where the treasure is hidden. As a response to Carl’s question about his chart and Costa Rica, Genoa and Robert Koch provide detailed analysis and reading in Vedic Astro-cartography.
Personal Development
Romy speaks of their journey of getting things done - from the struggles, to the solutions.
Herbalism & Travel
Stephanie details her preparation for a trip to Colombia, listing her herbal kit to counter common problems while traveling.
Literary Arts
Read Genoa’s witty and hilarious short story about Big Ted Farm, a commune he co-founded in the 1970’s in Oregon.
Finally, to cap it up, here is a striking image of Leah in her element, that you can see here alongside with her own commentary.
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The Shuffle Team

A curated editorial of the content and people, on Shuffle for the curious minds. Humbly highlighting some of the unique profiles and posts on Shuffle.

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