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Shuffle Curiousatorial - Issue#5

Shuffle Curiousatorial - Issue#5
By The Shuffle Team • Issue #5 • View online
Shuffle Curiousatorial - a curated editorial for the curious minds.
Happy fall and welcome to the Fifth edition of the Curiousatorial!
The harvest of this fall’s addition is full of nutrition, opportunity for creativity with multiple participation opportunities and of course Shufflers keeping us all engaged and wondering what’s next.
We hope these posts inspire you to get out this week and create something as well. And tell us about it!
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Shuffler Shout-out
Shout-out to these beautiful profiles that show the breadth and depth of Shufflers in all their splendor: Malavika, Francis, and Katy.
We are delighted to welcome Shahrzad to the dance community as she shares this refreshingly delicate yet strong piece of contemporary Persian dance.
Leah shares her work in progress, and we want to give a shout out to this kind of post. The ‘during the processes’ posts. The ‘not yet perfect’ posts. The ‘willing to offer ourselves to the unknown,’ posts. These posts are what reminds us we’re not alone and allow us to inspire and celebrate each other as we grow. 
Now that we are already shortly after the Fall Equinox it seems fitting to start with this elegant, practical and beneficial post by Ashley to stay healthy as we move towards winter.
Also, Katy brings us this critical article about Sade Musa, as she begins to reclaim indigenous herbal wisdom for herself, addressing racism and colonial baggage in the context of herbalism .
Wine & Vinification
Wine & Vinification is getting kicked off by Pamela, with her class offering and question thread about natural wine.
Baking & Sweets
Pizza! We aren’t going to start any rumors, but it’s possible that Quinlan might have fermented his own pizza dough for three days, combined with some of the most delicious sounding toppings available. Then once assembled, took pictures to tempt us all with his pursuit of the perfect homemade pizza!
Golden soup for golden days of fall. Tess brings us a nutrient-rich root vegetable recipe to nourish and build the immune system.
Culinary Arts
Tara along with her husband Raciel put up an excellent pop-up brunch featuring authentic Oaxacan cuisine. If you weren’t there, they have pictures for you!
Bekka has another fun sketch. This one is from the ‘cheater’s Inktober’ challenge. We love that she shares them here and encourage all you illustrators to take part in Inktober on Shuffle :)
Singer, songwriter Per shares an original song in his inimitable style about longing for home. Minnesota, in this case.
Francis has created a collection of jars that appear as though they could contain a small magical creature or enough grain to last a winter, or just look damn good in your house.
Gary brings a rather rock and roll approach to this post combining both Photography and Literary Arts into one dynamic narrative.
We think this work-in-progress of painting by Jose is stunning. Need we say more?
Leather Crafting
DIY & Technology
This DIY post will be particularly inspiring for those of us who still forget to turn our computers off and back on when it’s not working. Orjan just takes the whole thing apart when something needs fixing.
And if you are looking for just a software upgrade, here is Malcolm’s experience.
Literary Arts
On another literary note, it seem unlikely that anyone in here hasn’t had a teacher that affected their writing and appreciation of literature in significant and central ways. Genoa brings us Flossie Lewis who is one of those teachers! She’s so badass and delightful you seriously won’t regret watching
Personal Development
Chelsea shares this unusual opportunity to grow by finding dialogue with people seemingly on the other side of moral and political views.
Spirits & Distillation
In keeping with last weeks Curiousatorial we end with something to put in your glass and say “cheers”. Malcolm may have already hopelessly enthralled a few of us with this share that includes history and recipes for some refreshing beverages. Tizz, almost the season, if it weren’t already, for some tasty libations
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The Shuffle Team

A curated editorial of the content and people, on Shuffle for the curious minds. Humbly highlighting some of the unique profiles and posts on Shuffle.

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