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Shuffle Curiousatorial - Issue #4

Shuffle Curiousatorial - Issue #4
By The Shuffle Team • Issue #4 • View online
Shuffle Curiousatorial - a curated editorial for the curious minds.
Welcome to the Fourth edition of the Curiousatorial!
In this edition, we bring you to some engrossing posts in Social Justice and Technology, as well as vivid and compelling posts traversing through Dance, Cinematic Arts, Metalworking, and more.
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We hope these posts inspire you to get out this week and create something as well, and then tell us about it!

Shuffler Shout-out:
Shout-out to these beautiful profiles that show the breadth and depth of Shufflers in all their splendor: Malcolm, Teri and Lex!
Literary Arts
Firstly, meet some members from the Literary Arts community in this introduction thread created by Lex. If you are in the Literary Arts community, but haven’t introduced yourself to rest of the community, you can do that here.
Jessica brings a fun and unusual gem of American poetry along with a humorous personal story.
Rajat touches something honest and necessary in this poem about self importance and reconciliation with faith.
Cinematic Arts
In this beautiful music video, Jackson is featured both in audio engineering and cinematography that leaves the viewer in state of rapture.
Jennifer captures a photo with fascinating contrasts, before the parade at Oxnard.
Teri shares the Dragon sculpture as a demonstration of what can be made with the most basic instruction in MIG Welding.
Jesse went to Song School this year! Read his experiences and watch some of his performances there.
Baking & Sweets
Samantha gifts her favorite sourdough recipe that she is going to be using in the state baking competition ♡
Joyce makes her hand-sewn and dyed pillowcases (while in the background Mike is co-DIY-ing with circuit boards).
On the topic of food, Sylvan keeps us posted on his intermittent fasting experiments with regular updates. ICYMI, here are all of them so far (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6).
Personal Development
Freya prompts insightful responses from the community with her question about dealing with big life transitions.
Mixed Media
Rachel Bliven shares a mixed media piece from her design portfolio.
Tess shares her watercolor painting of a blue bird, from the initial sketch to the final product, as her daily update.
The topic of cryptography was active starting by a link Freya shared that talked about detecting fake information, and the responses got Malcolm to put together a write-up explaining the ways in which it can be used.
Genoa shares with his remarkable observations of the petroglyphs in New Mexico.
Social Justice
It seems fitting to highlight this share by Malcolm shedding light into the unconscious territory of  unpaid and emotional labor that rests at the core of our current gendered inequality.
Lex puts together a post informing us about the open consultation on UK’s Gender Recognition Act to improve the legal recognition of gender change.
What would a Shuffle Curiousatorial be without a dance post?
This is a stunning video of Tammy with her dance group killing it.
Herbalism 🌻🌾
Here is the first zine that skillful Stephanie had ever created, as part of her herbal training.
Karla shares this work in progress moving from the general shape to the detail of characters.
Spirits & Distillation
Cheers! We hope you have enjoyed this edition and we’ll leave you with this delicious recipe from Orjan that we can vouch for!
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If you like the work below, share this Curiousatorial using the links below to your networks. We think more people need to see this fascinating collection of work from our community.
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The Shuffle Team

A curated editorial of the content and people, on Shuffle for the curious minds. Humbly highlighting some of the unique profiles and posts on Shuffle.

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