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A weekly newsletter helping you learn and create.
Bite-sized information on tech, apps and personal knowledge management. Consumed in 3 minutes or less.

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11 Life-Changing Questions, Incremental Learning, and AI-Powered Research Tool

It's probably the simplest Gantt chart you've ever seen, but being able to plan out your steps and visualise them like this was a game-changer. I don't see myself using Notion as a day-to-day task management tool, but it's a truly fantastic app for planning b…


🔖 The Barbell Method of Reading // Practicing receptiveness to argue better

Argue Better by Signalling Your Receptiveness with These Wordswhy being receptive matters and a guide to practice receptivenessOne of the most useful articles I've read this week. Disagreements happen all the time, but sometimes it will turn into conflict whi…


The 2-Minute Rule to Stop Procrastinating and How Journaling Helps You Calm Down and Focus

This is The Most Important Thing You Can Do Each Morning by Ryan Holidayarticle on journalingIf I were to pick one habit that's absolutely essential for me, I'd pick journaling. I think it's hugely underrated how much it can calm your mind and help you focus.…


🔖 Physical Zettelkasten for Writing | Newton's Laws of Getting Things Done

The Physics of Productivity: Newton's Laws of Getting Stuff Donearticle | productivityJames Clear sees Newton's three laws of motion as an analogy for increasing your productivity. For example, the first law states objects in motion tend to stay in motion and…


🔖 The Best Reading App and Using Obsidian with Logseq

MatterappThis is a social reading app where you can follow your favourite writers and your friends, and share what you're reading with others. I've been using this app for a few months already, and it just keeps getting better and better! With Matter, you can…


Incremental Note-Taking and Methods for Remembering What You Read

Infinity Maps: The Deep Dive Knowledge ToolTool for thoughtI've found this app on Product Hunt recently. It's "a visual & spatial workspace combined with the information depth of a wiki". I only tried it for a few minutes, but it seems like a combination …


#31 Why Writing Makes You Smarter and Tips on Growing on Twitter

How Writing Makes You Smarter:A Thread on why writing is a superpowerI loved this Twitter thread about why you should write more.Writing is like weightlifting for your brain – writing about an idea requires a deep understanding of it.Writing doesn't just make…


Attention Management > Time Management | Mindfulness

1. Magic of MindfulnessI loved this episode of Tim Ferriss Show. Tim says effectiveness and efficiency are not enough for better living, but we need mindfulness too. What is "mindfulness"? Tim defines it as "a present-state awareness that helps you to be non-…


29 | Digital Detox and Building a Personal Brand with Newsletter and Podcast

💫 New Video + Book Notes1) New video “How to Break Bad Habits" is up!It's about how I overcame my phone addiction😅2) Added more reading notes to my mind garden!Here are the best articles, books, podcasts, tweets I found this week in Mind | Money | Relationshi…


Why We Need an Extension of Our Mind | Happiness as a Skill

💫 New Video + Notes1) New video “How Your Friends Shape Your Future” is now up! 2) Added more reading notes to my mind garden!Here are the best articles, books, podcasts, tweets I found this week in Mind | Money | Relationships | Health.It’s a long list, so I…


Have Faith in Your Own Thoughts | Breathwork for Improving Your Focus

Stop Relying on a Source and Have Faith in Your own Thoughts ≫To tell you the truth, I love quoting someone. If you've watched my videos, you probably know I quote often to emphasise some points. But, lately I've been thinking about why I do this.And I figure…


Shu Omi - Issue #26

13 Rules for Life This short piece by Brad Stulberg - the author of Peak Performance - is a nice reminder of things we all know are good, but tend to forget. Build community. The people with whom you surround yourself shape you. Being super productive is fine…


Two Types of Knowledge and How to Grow on Twitter | The Week's Best Links

1. Two Types of Knowledge by Farnam StreetRichard Feynman argues there are two types of knowledge - knowing something and knowing the name of something. We often focus on the latter - we know what things are called, but don't know how they actually work.So, h…


🧠 Zettelkasten | Idea Machine | Power of Writing | Saturated Fat - The Week's Best Links

1. The Ultimate Guide For Becoming an Idea Machine by James Altucher How can we constantly come up with good ideas? James Altucher says you can train your "idea muscle". How? Write 10 ideas every day. It can be about anything - book ideas, blog ideas, video i…


Visual Storytelling | The Power of Good Questions | Picking a Career | Finding The One - This Week's Best Links

1. How Anne-Laure Le Cunff Wrote 200 Articles In One Year by Dan Shipper Anne-Laure is one of my biggest inspirations. The way she produces top quality content consistently each week blows my mind. This article by Dan Shipper of Superorganizers - which is a f…


Note-taking systems | Quitting Job | Train Your Brain | Successful Relationship - Best Links of the Week

1. Be a Fast Tortoise by Khe HyI really enjoyed reading this piece by Khe where he shares what he learned from writing newsletters and blog posts for 250 weeks! On saving inspirations (This is pretty much what I use mymind for): Collecting string is hearing a…


💡 How to Remember Anything Forever And Life-Changing Questions | This Week's Best Links

1. [#Twitter Thread] Top, Timeless Tweets from Naval RavikantI'm a huge fan of Naval's philosophy. This Twitter thread compiles some of his best tweets. I imported some of them into my Roam database and developed the ideas further. It was totally worth it.


💡 Psychological Concepts | Idea Flows | Substack | Mental Models | Happiness | Fasting

1. [Tweet] 40 Psychological Concepts by Emily AnhaltIn this tweet storm, Anhalt explains some of the core concepts in Psychology that therapists use to better understand patients and human behaviour in general. All of the concepts are worth diving deeper! 🤕 P…


💡 Writing | Wealth-Creation | Consistency | Kindness | Substack | Exercising...

1. The Resonance of Writing by Salman Ansari [#Article]A fantastic short essay on finding life-changing books. Salman says one of the most important factors in what makes a book resonates is timing. “The right book for the right person is not enough. It needs…


How Willpower Affects Your Ability to Focus

Favourite app: SortedI've been using this app for task management and scheduling. It's great. I always found time-blocking cumbersome, but Sorted makes it super easy.