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Showa Bubble Pop! - Sample Issue #00

Showa Bubble Pop! - Sample Issue #00
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This is more or less the format and the type of content you will receive if you subscribe to this weekly collection of niche Japan content via SBP!
Location categories will include kissatens, sentos, hotels, shopping streets and arcades, snack bars/karaoke, and straight-up “zones” which may just be a cool building to look at or a random corner with a good vibe.
Featured locations each week will have a google link to the Main Map. Scheduled for every Monday ✌️

Jam of the Week
竹内 まりや Mariya Takeuchi - Plastic Love
Movie to Watch
The Lady in a Black Dress (Kuroi Doresu No Onna) (1987) [Eng Sub]
Reads of the Week
Nara Dreamland - An Abandoned Theme Park In Japan
The Strange, Sad Case of Fukuda Kazuko (福田和子), The Woman Who Nearly Got Away with Murder
Featured Locations
Will highlight a handful of new additions to the map every week I’ve been to, each photo will be linked to the location on the mega map!
SUN Hatoya - A family centric hotel in Atami
SUN Hatoya - A family centric hotel in Atami
Floating on the edge of the ocean, SUN HATOYA is the more “family friendly” hotel of the Hatoya chain. Palm trees flutter in the breeze, a rainbow sparkles on the horizon of the Pacific and kids screech by the pool. A fish tank the size of several modest sized SUVs surround the indoor onsen and features a depressed(?) Sea turtle(?). Is this purgatory? Lots to explore in the corridors.
SUPER TAMADE Osaka grocery store chain
SUPER TAMADE Osaka grocery store chain
SUPER TAMADE is the perfect Venn Diagram of several loves of mine that I did not know where capable of overlapping: Kitschy Neon, 24-hour Grocery Stores and Shady/Exciting Rumors that Yakuza are Involved. Why are the prices so low? Everything “fell off the back of a truck”. I would exclusively shop at Super Tamade if I lived in Osaka.
Rest stop called "Auto Parlor Ageo"
Rest stop called "Auto Parlor Ageo"
O-to Pa-ra-(dise!) AGEO had a few crane games and a fair number of arcade cabinets (most of them shut off), a handful of specialty vending machines, and an empty information booth. Featuring furniture blanketed with a texture of smoke and grime layered by time from those just passing through. Green patterned wallpaper wrapped up the complete vibe.
Sample image
Sample image
This section is only a placeholder as a sample, but in the newsletter it will contain the Main MEGA MAP collection organized on google maps of whatever vibes, zones and locations that stand still and hang on through all the eras and beyond.
Thank you for considering supporting this project! 😎 Stay オシャレ〜
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