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Sonic Hacking Contest
It’s finally here, the moment you have been waiting for. It’s time to show off this year’s trailer, as always created by redhotsonic! Please consider subscribing to him as thanks, along with his secondary channel JetPackTails!

Sonic Hacking Contest Official Trailer 2021
Sonic Hacking Contest Official Trailer 2021
All entries can be downloaded and played from Monday 11th October to Sunday 17th October. If you haven’t, please sign up to to be able to vote for the Community Trophies for the Contest entries as well.
Sonic Hacking Contest
List of Contest Entries
The following entries will be judged for Trophies and the public will be able to vote these entries on eligible Community Trophies too.
Community Trophies can be voted on until the end of Saturday 16th October, so we can prepare the winners on Sunday 17th October.
This year the judging team is split into the following three categories.
  1. A.I.R Eevee in Sonic 1 by SonicFan214
  2. Big the Cat in Sonic the Hedgehog by E-122-Psi
  3. Hellfire Saga by Hardline Team
  4. Silver Sonic: The Revenge by Roebloz
  5. SNOLF: Tournament Edition by drmelon
  6. Sonic 1 Blastless DX by vladikcomper
  7. Sonic 1 Definitive by Inferno
  8. Sonic 1 Flash Flood by TheInvisibleSun
  9. Sonic 2 Desynched by GTKoopa
  10. Sonic 2 Tailsplosion by GTKoopa
  11. Sonic 3 & Knuckles: Epilogue by TheBlad768
  12. Sonic 3C Delta by Chainspike
  13. SONIC DELTA 40Mb (Sonic Delta Next) by Neto
  14. Sonic Sunventure SHC 2021 by Scrap_Brain
  15. Sonic the Hackable - Splash Hill Demo by CHRdutch
  16. Sonic the Hedgehog - Anniversary Edition by SophieDude
  17. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 - Anniversary Edition by SophieDude
  18. Sonic the Hedgehog 2: Pink Edition by E-122-Psi
  19. Sonic The Hedgehog: Ancient Isles by Catswell
  20. Tails Advent by lordxernom
  21. VTuber in Sonic 1 by ProjectFM
  1. Apotos & Shamar Adventure Pack by tuanpingas
  2. Dash Adventure 2 by Revenir
  3. MISSION REPLACEMENT: SA1 Gamma-Timer Variant over Kill X Many Missions by Twilord
  4. Shivery Mountainsides by Goalringmod27
  5. Sonic ‘06 - Emerald Coast by Nonami
  6. Sonic '06 - Seaside Hill by Knuxfan24
  7. Sonic 06 Definitive Experience by brianuuu
  8. Sonic 06 Legacy of Solaris by JotaroPowered
  9. Sonic Forces Overclocked - Freight Frenzy DEMO - SHC2021 Edition by TheDuckDealer
  10. Sonic Forces Re-imagined - SHC 2021 Demo by brandonj
  11. Sonic Riders DX by AirKingNeo
  12. Sonic Riders Regravitified v1.0 by Xithl_kikorl
  13. Tropical Resort Act 1 in Sonic Forces by RobowilOFFICIAL
  14. Yoshi’s Island Zone DLC Restoration by Death
  1. Mystic Cave Zone Mania-fied by campbellsonic
  2. Sonic 2 Mania SHC2021 Demo by AChickMcNuggie
  3. SONIC CD: EPISODE METAL by jackelzxa
  4. Sonic the Hedgehog Forever by Team Forever
  5. Sonic the Hedgehog: Lost Island Demo by CartoonsAnimate22
  6. Sonic Vintage by ZachmanAwesomeness
List of Expo Entries
These entries are not eligible for any trophies, Judged or Community.
  1. Another South Island Adventure by DeltaWooloo
  2. Cursed Sonic 3 & Knuckles by MainMemory
  3. Dr Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine - Spanish Translations (Latin America and European) by RadioTails
  4. Kaizonic Through Islands by FetalPepper66
  5. Sonic & Knuckles Master Edition SHC21 by Xebninmaj
  6. Sonic 1: 50hz = 60Hz (240p Edition) by vladikcomper
  7. Sonic 1: Encore Mode by VictorHedgehog
  8. Sonic 2 but with Chaotix Physics by Jdpense
  9. Sonic 2 CD Remix 2021 Demo by Pacca
  10. Sonic 2 PN Arcade by PikaNoob
  11. Sonic 2 Tag Team by Jdpense
  12. Sonic Black and White by TheInvisibleSun
  13. SONIC DEBUT by MCTravisYT
  14. Sonic Magnified by Giovanni
  15. Sonic Maxidrive (Rust Hill Demo for SHC 2021 Expo) by Speems
  16. Sonic Renovation by Adriano
  17. Sonic the Hedgehog 2: The Return of Dr. Eggman by Alex Field
  18. Sonic The Hedgehog: Dark’s World Defeat: SHC Demo by rayisexpic
  19. Sonic: Angel Island Adventrue - The First Half (AIZ Demo) by saan1ty
  1. Autodemo Windy Valley Hardmode (unfinished) by PurpleTwirler
  2. Colors Sonic by saguinee
  3. Cursed Hedgehogs 2: Ken the Penders by PkN0PE
  4. Customizable Results Music by MandM
  5. Kate the Wolf in SA2 by MainMemory
  6. Link Sonic by MandM
  7. Mushroom Zone Neo by PurpleTwirler
  8. SA1: The Emblem Challenge by Speeps
  9. Sonic ‘06 - Greenflower Zone by Knuxfan24
  10. Sonic 06: Super Hard Mode by GordonRamsay
  11. Sonic Adventure 2: Full Story by Xanderoni
  12. Sonic Colors DX Revised (HD overhaul) by threethan
  13. Sonic Colors: Episode Shadow by Lady_Luna
  14. Sonic Forces DLC Project Demo by SuperSonicThomas
  15. Sonic Generations - LATAM Translation Mod v2.0 by senorDane
  16. Sonic Heroes Advenced by Shadow Side
  17. Sonic Heroes: Encore Mode V0.7 by Sovic91
  18. Sony Hawk’s Pro Skater by Goalringmod27
  19. STH2006 Project Demo 5 by brianuuu
  1. Burrotis’s Super Sonic in Sonic CD by SoN1c2001
  2. GORGEOUS LABYRINTH MOD [SHC2021 EXPO] by DarkVampireDee
Regarding 2DPC Entries
It will be obvious to many, looking at these lists, that compared to previous years, there was a low turnout in the 2DPC section this year.
This greatly surprised the SHC Judges as we expected a healthy amount of mods that could have been submitted, as Mania modding is still going strong with many mods still in development, as well as progress being made in the RSDK decompilations which have been picking up in development.
A key thing to note is that many of the RSDK modders are moving onto the decompilations of Sonic 1 / 2 / CD over Mania, and many tools are still in development, which has meant some people have chose to wait for these to be ready, before working on something that would be worthy of submission to the SHC.
Whilst this may disappoint many who wanted to play Mania mods and mods from the decompilations, there are also plenty of Retro and 3D submissions to play instead. We have 41 Contest and 40 Expo submissions altogether.
Streaming Schedule
As always, we have a packed lineup of streamers who will be bringing you their own coverage of the SHC throughout the week.
There are streams for everyone to watch, and remember if you miss out on a stream live, these will generally be available to watch as VOD afterwards - check their YouTube and Twitch channels and catch up in your own time!
Please enjoy the lineup this year. We have made the streamers aware of the importance of reading the descriptions and following the setup instructions clearly, we will assist them to get things up and running if required, but if anyone doesn’t stream an entry properly, please let us know on our Discord.
On Sunday 10th October, we’re bringing you not just one, but three Pre Show streams, to reflect the split nature of the contest from 2021 onwards. We’ll be showing previous entries of the SHC courtesy of the SHC Vault and maybe if you’re lucky, we might show off a few new entries as a preview too.
These do not include the new Developer Streams as we have extended the deadline to having those booked - they will be on a separate schedule.
In addition to streams, we also have YouTube videos in the works from, Blue Vivacity, Velcomia and many more coming your way!
All streams will be available to watch through the website at
Thanks of course to RummySM for designing the schedule images again!
Please note streams are subject to change at any time due to cancellations or other streaming issues coming up during the week, we advise you visit our Twitter for any updates in case of any stream changes or updates.
Regarding Contest Results and Evaluations
This year, there will be no live Results Show with the winning entries being streamed and discussed. We have decided to do a different approach this year to the results, instead we’ll be publishing them through other community websites at the end of the day (Sunday 17th October).
However, the Judges’ Evaluations will be available to access at the same time as the Results, so you will still get to find out opinions on these entries, to understand why they won entries and so on. There will be no delays on this.
We may do an End of Week Stream if time permits, but not for the results.
Developer Streams for SHC Entrants
We have extended the deadline of booking Developer Streams until the end of Friday 8th October, to allow enough time for interested SHC entrants to book an hour of stream time to show off their entry in their own way.
If you are an entrant and has not yet booked but wants to, please click this link to book a stream, we will let you know where we have slotted it in.
Get Involved - Join the Discord Server
Our Discord Server remains open throughout the year, to discuss the Contest and everything else too. It is open for everyone, all you need to do is visit and go to the bottom for the latest Discord invite link!
We are always looking at other ways for people to get involved with the SHC platform as a whole, however the Contest Week comes first, so look out in the future for announcements on other things we have lined up to show off. Stick around for future announcements on these things.
We encourage all feedback regarding the SHC and Contest Week - if you have anything you want to discuss, please contact us through this form.
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Sonic Hacking Contest
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