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Sonic Hacking Contest
We’ve got a few things to announce, all in one newsletter!
Read and find out what we’ve got to announce, it’s more than just one thing!

Website Now Open for Submissions
As we normally do every year when possible, the website is updated and open to take Contest and Expo submissions for this year’s Contest Week, going live a month before the first deadline for Contest Submissions.
If you missed the announcement earlier in the year, major changes have been made to improve the event, the biggest change being a complete split in contest judging, which means separate judges for each category (Retro / 3D / 2DPC). By splitting the judging, we’ll bring you the best results possible.
We have also addressed a few things from the previous event which could have been a lot better. We now have a Judges Code of Conduct, to see what is expected from them, to avoid any issues before / during / after the event.
We’re still using the same website from last year (the signup to that site is why you have received this newsletter after all), so if you have an account made then all you need to do is log in. If not, please register to submit!
Please remember your entries must meet the Quality Control Criteria.
If you have any questions regarding this year, you can contact us by joining the SHC Discord Server, for which the link to join is on our website.
If there are any issues, please contact us directly using the Contact Us Form available on the page.
Please click the link below for all the information you need for SHC2021!
Remember, we will be accepting trailer submissions too, with redhotsonic once again doing the trailer (here’s last year’s below for reference), please go to the website for instructions on submitting your trailer clips for inclusion.
Sonic Hacking Contest :: About the Contest
Official Sonic Hacking Contest 2020 Trailer
Official Sonic Hacking Contest 2020 Trailer
Time Extension for Submission Deadlines!
Due to delays in getting the site ready for this year’s submissions, which was out with our control, the Judges have decided to allow for an extension of the deadlines to ensure enough time is available to submit to the Contest.
Here are the new deadlines, if you want to submit to the Contest or Expo:
CONTEST DEADLINE - End of Sunday 12th September
UPDATES DEADLINE - End of Sunday 19th September
EXPO DEADLINE - End of Sunday 26th September
CONTEST WEEK - Monday 11th to Sunday 17th October
The change of deadlines will still allow the Judges ample time to check entries to ensure they meet the Quality Control Criteria, as well as judging and evaluating each entry in their category as we have split category judging from this year as stated previously, so there will be no issues changing this.
SHC: Now with Splash Screens
The SHC has brought many things to the table over the years, such as the interactive Contest Week with streams and community voting.
But one thing that we never got around to was our own splash screen, promoting our platform in the entries submitted to our event.
Other sites and events have had splash screens over the years, but what about SHC? Well, we have finally got around to scoring that off our list.
Anyone who submits an entry to the Contest or Expo this year, regardless of the base game, can take advantage of our splash screens to add to their submission. And not just that, we have made them very easy to add too.
There’s not just a screen for Mega Drive entries, we’ve made one for 3D entries (those that accept videos, otherwise we have a texture for you to use instead), we have one for 2DPC mods, we even have created a splash screen for the SEGA Master System of all things! We have something for nearly every game out there that can be submitted to the contest. How about that?
Here’s a small compilation of what we have this year.
SHC2021 - Sonic Hacking Contest Splash Screens
SHC2021 - Sonic Hacking Contest Splash Screens
Streaming for Entrants - Developer Streams
Our Media Panel, comprising of many names, big and small, present the SHC in their own way during the week, through streams and uploaded content.
However, in addition to this, we will be offering slots for entrants to showcase their own entry the way they want to show it off.
We know that on some occasions there have been issues with the Media Panel presentation on some entries regarding the setup of certain entries, and some things that were not shown, we will improve upon this this year, but we also want to give people another way of showing off their entries.
These slots will be on a first come first come basis and will be on a completely separate schedule to the Media Panel streams, the public can choose to watch a developer stream or a Media Panel stream. And for anyone who misses a stream, they will be archived on the site too.
Developer Streams will be able to be booked from September.
2020 Entries Now in the SHC Vault
Finally, it’s been a long time coming, but the 2020 entries are now available to access inside the SHC Vault, to download whenever you want to do so.
You can now download all the Sonic Hacking Contest and Expo entries from last year, along with the vast majority of entries from 2012 onwards.
Sonic Hacking Contest :: The Vault
More to Come, Stay Tuned for Updates
There’s still a lot of stuff that we haven’t shown off yet, that we are still working on, in order to improve the Contest Week experience.
Whether it’s improving things to help people access and play the entries without having much trouble, or adding new features to benefit the SHC for subsequent events to come, there is always something being worked on.
Remember, the Sonic Hacking Contest is the biggest and best event to showcase Sonic hacks and mods each and every year, generally the only time most people pay attention to hacks and mods, and we try our best to make each year better than the previous. If you want to show your creations to the biggest audience around, the SHC is the platform to enter and get exposed.
Sometimes, it doesn’t work out that way, but when shortcomings happen (like 2016 and 2020), we really make sure to knock it out of the park for the next year. We hope the changes made this year encourage everyone to submit to the Contest or Expo, and have a good time at SHC this year.
And remember, you can submit anything to the Contest or Expo provides it meets the criteria, including small demos of one or more levels for example.
In the meantime, don’t forget SAGE is running from August 21st to 27th this year, so check out their event with their many games, fan made and new!
We’ll be putting out newsletters to remind of deadlines and important information, so stay tuned for those to show up in your inbox.
Don’t forget to follow @shcontest on Twitter too!
SHC - Sonic Hacking Contest (@shcontest) | Twitter
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Sonic Hacking Contest
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