Good finds from Shankar

By Shankar Ganesh

Good finds features interesting things I've discovered - new apps, articles that surprised and shocked me, and more :)

Good finds features interesting things I've discovered - new apps, articles that surprised and shocked me, and more :)

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Moving to WhatsApp

Hi folks, I just started a WhatsApp group to share good finds more frequently. Besides tech tips and new apps, I also plan to send interesting articles on product management, design and user experience, SaaS and writing in general. Participants will not be ab…


Good finds and I have a question!

On Android and iOS, if you switch to another app while playing a YouTube video, the video continues playing in the bottom right so you can multitask. It's called picture-in-picture mode.If you want to get the same experience on Mac or Windows, just download t…


Good lockdown finds from Shankar (issue #10)

Sometimes, your friends accidentally sign in to your Netflix profile and mess up your recommendations and watching history (in a shared account). From now on, you can set a PIN for your profile and prevent this entirely.You'll just have to go to Account from …


Good finds from Shankar - this one is loaded :)

It's your turn to speak on the Zoom call but you're on mute. You anxiously race to click the unmute button. By the time you get to it though, everyone's wondering if you're still on the call :)Unmute yourself faster by just holding the spacebar on your keyboa…


Good finds this Sunday morning :) is a brilliant launcher for Android that helps you reduce distraction. There are no icons when you use this launcher - just text links that invoke apps. You pick five apps, and put them on your home screen, like this:


Good finds from Shankar - Issue #7

WhatsApp compresses photos like crazy when you share them with your friends (a 5MB picture becomes 726 KB, losing most details).The next time you're sharing something, share it as a document to preserve its original quality. Works like a charm.


April, second edition :)

Come tax season and you're doing some work with PDFs. Merging scanned receipts into one or even compressing PDFs because the tool you are uploading to, only accepts sizes less than 200 KB. SmallPDF is great, and can take care of all your PDF needs. It falls i…


Good finds from Shankar - Issue #5

There's a good, cheap dinner place just a few minutes away, and I can save some money if I walk to the place. Instead, I choose to order on Swiggy and regret spending more money.If you'd like to see how your spending habits on Swiggy look like, get this Chrom…


Start your 2019 with some good finds :)

You have some lazy friends who constantly send you voice messages. But often, you can't listen to them right away because you're at work, or you're surrounded by people.The next time someone sends you a voice message, just press the Play button and hold your …


Taking a break (also, stop taking panoramas!)

I know you didn't subscribe to read my travel stories but allow me to take a detour this time. I don't belong to the club that says travel magically enlightens you. It doesn't, for me. It's about taking a break, getting recharged and occasionally getting some…


Good finds from Shankar (also, do me a favour?)

Mute an entire site in Google ChromeIf you have nightmares about embarrassing videos autoplaying when you're at work, you can mute sites like by right clicking on the tab and choosing 'Mute site'. Here's a screenshot that can help you locate the …


Good finds from Shankar

Not sure if you listen to podcasts, but if you don't, Google is making it really easy for you to get started. Podcasts will now appear in search results and you can play them right there. There's also this new app to make it easy for you to download and liste…