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Mental health awareness through queer dark fantasy and horror.

New beginnings
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First, let me introduce myself.
I’m Shane Blackheart, and I focus on mental health awareness through writing fiction, as well as in blog entries about my life. I am an autistic non-binary trans man, I’m plural (on the OSDD spectrum), and I’ve been writing stories since I was about seven years old.
Throughout the years, writing has been my outlet to heal and cope with c-PTSD trauma, and when I’m not writing about that, it provides an escape. I’m also in love with philosophy, religious studies, occult studies, and learning about what makes people tick. I enjoy exploring the darker parts of the human psyche and often do so in my stories.
Most of my art is centered around my head family—my alters and spirit guides. I also draw art pertaining to my mental illnesses and other dark art.
I’ve recently started to move my blogs and website over to Carrd, so check out what I have done so far! The Waking Dreams blog is all ported over. Next will be my main website’s blog.
Shane🖤Blackheart (he/they)
Many thanks to @LBShimaira for helping me out with learning the more difficult parts of Carrd. I built my own blog site from the ground up, and although there are still some things that need added or fine-tuned, here are the basics. Curious for feedback.
That’s all for now. Thank you so much for reading, and thank you to everyone who follows and supports what I do.
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Shane Blackheart
Shane Blackheart @ShaneBlkheart

Mental health awareness through LGBTQ+ dark fantasy and horror.

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