Issue #6 - Don't remain silent





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There is an emergency in Texas
In a letter dated February 22, 2022, governor Greg Abbott of Texas threatens families with transgender children, and transgender parents themselves, with legal action for allowing children to pursue transition, or in the case of being a transgender parent, daring to be trans and have children.
You can read the letter in higher quality here. There are also threats of punishment for teachers, doctors, and others who fail to report their knowledge of a child pursuing transition. Multiple states have been obsessed with anti-transgender legislation for some time now that ultimately protect no one and hurt an entire group of people, solely due to ignorance and hatred.
The science has been clear that allowing transgender people to access medical care to transition greatly improves quality of life. For me, being on hormones and getting top surgery (a double mastectomy) caused my gender dysphoria to basically disappear. Having gender dysphoria greatly exaggerated my depressive episodes, and it caused me to experience severe anxiety while out in public. I often chose to stay home and cancel plans, or to just simply not go out so no one would misgender me or see my chest. At one point, I enabled myself to have anorexia because it made my chest smaller.
Trans kids and teens are at risk for developing many problems like this, and these kinds of problems can lead to suicide. Governor Greg Abbott is not making decisions based on science, but based on a personal agenda due to hatred. His hatred will cause severe harm to transgender people.
This is not new, sadly. Transgender people have been begging news outlets and cisgender allies to stand with us for years now. To speak up instead of remaining silent. As the death toll climbs of murdered transgender people, and our rights are constantly up for debate in a way that results in actions like the above, we need help more than ever.
Things will only get worse, and we are begging for you to listen. Please help us and do what you can to speak out. Find out what anti-transgender legislatures are being considered in your state. Oppose them in every way. Share the stories of transgender people and lift our voices. Send letters to government officials and strongly oppose those who mean us harm. Make phone calls. Most importantly, be there for your transgender loved ones right now, especially in Texas. Make sure they’re safe and ask them what you can do to help.
Don’t be silent.
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Shane Blackheart
Shane Blackheart @ShaneBlkheart

Mental health awareness through LGBTQ+ dark fantasy and horror.

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