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Reflect on the Year

Shami's Progress
Shami's Progress
2021 has been quite the year, but 2022 will “definitely” be my year. (Says everyone and their mother).

Goals for the week
  • Finish off 2021 with a bang: With December around the corner, I am looking forward to actually crushing the month with certain goals I have in mind. I haven’t played a Christmas gig in a LONG time so hopefully this year, I’ll be able to make that happen with some local musicians. Hitting the gym has been going well for me and I’ve been seeing results! I just need to keep up with it during all the craziest of December. Lastly, I have NOT been meditating or taking time for myself in the morning which is probably why I feel like I’m lowkey sparling but once I build that habit back in, I’ll be set.
  • Fix up my podcast: So my podcast, The Shami Beni Show or the SBS has been doing well recently. I am trying to get more and more people on and make the show even better. I am still thinking about pushing some of the work like audio editing and posting to someone else but as of right now, I am having fun figuring all that stuff out. 
Thanks for reading y'all!
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Shami's Progress
Shami's Progress

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