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Shami's Progress
Shami's Progress
Goals for the week:
  • Get back into some serious habits. Imagine, putting so much work into building good habits and all of them going down the drain because of a thing called life. Recently, I had a lot of life changes occur, seemingly at the same time and honestly, I wasn’t okay. For a couple of days, I was “down bad” but thankfully, because of the habits I build over the years such as mediation and journaling, I was quickly able to just adjust to these new life changes and get into a process of accepting everything. Sophomore year of college, I made it a mission to improve myself for the better. I think my 19-year-old self would be shocked at the person I became, in good ways and bad haha. Nevertheless, being able to build these habits over time allowed me to get through the mud of life. I am so thankful for my self-improvement journey despite some of the backlash that it has gotten recently. I truly believe that if you want to improve yourself there are two simple steps in getting started. 1. Just do it and 2. do the research afterward.
  • Have one uncomfortable thing to do to a day. This past week, I challenged myself to do things that I like but I knew would challenge me. Living in Washington, DC allows me the chance to play jazz with top-tier musicians. There are jam sessions happening every night around the DMV and it’s so exciting to push me past my limits. I am also a big basketball fan and this got my ass kicked by the local ballers. It was much needed. Now I know what to work on for next time so I can be a contributing teammate when running pick-up games.
  • Level up. We live in a society where we focus on the past and future more than the present. I’m in the mindset of living day-to-day when an emphasis is on helping my future self out. Let me elaborate if I truly lived day-to-day, everything the next day would seem like a huge surprise for me. I don’t want to miss that meeting or go out with friends when I was supposed to teach a student. Having this emphasis on helping your future self allows you to plan all the things you need in the near future without fear of missing something important. As I live in the present, I want to level up just by 1% every day. At the end of the week, you would’ve leveled up by 7%. At the end of the month, 30 or 31% and at the end of the year, 365% better than you were the year prior. Now, it’s time to play the long-term game. I don’t want to fixate on the past and likewise, don’t want to fixate on what I could be in the future, instead, I’ll focus on what I can do right now, in the present.
Thanks for reading y'all!
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Shami's Progress
Shami's Progress

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