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A curation of articles, tech, books and innovation strategy to enrich your career and personal lives.

A curation of articles, tech, books and innovation strategy to enrich your career and personal lives.

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Polymathic Monthly - Issue #49: A Different World, Remote Control, and Healthy Buildings

In a world where anyone can build the technology required to address customer issues, because of a level playing field, brand will be the defining factor of who ‘wins’. In Play Bigger, Al Ramadan introduces the idea of ‘category design’ as how the next group …


Polymathic Monthly Issue #48: Belonging, Friday Black and Upside Decay.

ArticlesBelonging, or lack of it, is the main reason why The Great Migration is happening. My favorite, and the best people strategist out there, offers a framework for how to foster a sense of belonging at your company. You’ll need to read this…What really h…


Polymathic Monthly - Issue #43: Narcoantennas, VC Squeeze and Godel’s Theory

Articles‘a new Yiddish word has been invented: oysgezoomt, “over-exposed to Zoom,” as in “Ich bin azoy oysgezoomt!” (“I’m so done with Zoom!”)’. A Yale professor’s Zoom journal. She speaks for us all. And, as she comes to learn, most things that matter happen…


Polymathic Monthly - Issue #44 Seventeen Short Stories

Short stories provide completion. The great short stories provide completion but also leave you with a lingering sense that you’ve just read/heard something that shifted something for you. I’m sure this has been said about other times in our history but the s…


Polymathic Monthly - Issue #42: Microbiocene, Nikki Giovanni and MAYA.

To say it’s been a testing time since the last issue is to understate things a little bit. What’s been positive in the midst of all the craziness are the conversations I’ve had with friends, family and some of you subscribers who’ve also been struggling throu…


Polymathic Monthly - Issue #41: Deacon King Kong, Punctuated Equilibrium and Trespassing

At the risk of sounding insensitive, rushing through the now, I want to believe that on the other side of this period we are going through will be a lot of positive. Because this period we are in is probably the worst most of us have ever witnessed. And it hu…


Polymathic Monthly - Issue #40: Pomegranates, Arms and Independence.

A couple of conversations with a good friend totally flipped my perspective on these times we are in. I went from going down the spiral of twitter rage and fivethirtyeight data on all things COVID19, to searching for what the positives during and on the other…


Polymathic Monthly - Issue #39 (updated): Scale, Stillness and Social Cohesion

Updates Apologies, a few revue links were broken. All updated now.The paid subscription will start with the next issue (thanks to those of you who paid earlier).It’s been fascinating to see the things we consider as social norms (handshakes and hugs, church o…


Polymathic Monthly - Issue #39: Scale, Stillness and Social Cohesion

ArticlesPressure doesn't have to turn into stress. While the HBR article talks about pressure and stress at work, the suggestions apply to life.Neil Young is on a quest to save music. And it's not just an old guy complaining about streaming.I've touched on th…


Polymathic Monthly - Issue #38: Stupas, Rusty Brown and Ohitorisama.

ArticlesIf this, from one of the writers of "Watchmen', does not move you to tears, you have lost your soul.I've been reading up on cultural anthropology. Through that lens, this restaurant, and the description of its patrons and culture, is immensely fascina…


Polymathic Monthly - Issue #37: Fisher, Limewire, and a town called Roundup.

ArticlesIt's delightful to see who eats what and what dinner looks like for 18 families across the world.Another WeWork story. If only we could all be allowed the hubris here...The American Dream involved owning your own home. Much like the movies that glorif…


Polymathic Monthly - Issue #36: Meritocracy, Luck, Thelonious Monk, and Magic

ArticlesThe word 'OK' is only 180 years old, but it is the most spoken word on the planet. How did that happen?'We have confused a symptom—educational inequality—with the underlying disease: economic inequality'.Pair the above with my lengthy rant about how K…


Polymathic Monthly - Issue #35: Career Advice, China, Lagos and Slack.

ArticlesRoman amphitheaters might have seismic invisibility cloaks that have kept them standing in earthquakes zones. What!!'How to Write about Africa', satirical essay writing at its best, introduced Binyavanga Wainaina to the world (or at least to me) in 20…


Polymathic Monthly - Issue #34: Miseducation, Cities and 'Team Human'.

ArticlesYour attention was never the endgame. Have you ever wondered why you only see one or two banana brands in your grocery store? And we might soon lose them.Personalized learning doesn't seem to be working in one Kansas town. I wrote this essay (longread…


Polymathic Monthly - Issue #33: Vint Cerf, Pricing, Water and Arjen Robben.

Articles'Not caring what happens' is a powerful skill to have in most situations.There are only six degrees of inequality separation. This GQ post from 2012 will stay with you.I've never made it past the first few minutes of the 2nd episode of Game of Thrones…


Polymathic Monthly - Issue #32: Skill/Luck, Judgement, Status and Deepfakes.

Ignore status games and status seeking people. Status is a hierarchical game, creating stuff is not. Create stuff.We love to hate logos. Especially when an iconic or popular company changes a logo we know and (think) we love. Here's a great newsletter issue b…


Polymathic Monthly - Issue #31: Trolley Problem, Biases and What Does Not Change.

BooksThe recommendations from the last few weeks of reading can be split into two bucketsOld books that predicted what today might look like to help figure out what might lie ahead. 'Futurethink' by Weiner and Brown provides a few thinking models, 'Microtrend…


Polymathic Monthly - Issue #30: The Struggle, The Messy Middle and The Mother Of Invention

ArticlesI will probably share this article by Kevin Kelly, '1000 True Fans', once every calendar year. It's one I think every creative, entrepreneur, dreamer etc needs to read. It's as relevant now as it was when he wrote it in 2008. I think you should read i…


Polymathic Monthly - Issue #29: Varuna, Career Advice, Peer Pairs, and The Problem With Podcasts

ArticleI read this article about Texas over a year ago. It informed my prediction, despite all the hype and my hope, that Beto O'Rourke wouldn't win his Senate race.Information is no longer discernible from storytelling. That is a problem in a world where tru…


Polymathic Monthly - Issue #28: Leadership, Design and Honey

ArticlesAs it comes to light that Uber might IPO in 2019, and it starts to tout everything from UberEats to Uberemployment, a word of warning from Howard Schultz in 'Onward' (a few years after closing 600 stores, firing 12k employees and losing 78% of its sto…