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ST #39: Thoughts on the State of Serverless

ST #39: Thoughts on the State of Serverless
Welcome to the new look Serverless Transformation Newsletter! Every two weeks, we share our favourite resources to help you up your Serverless game and keep on top of the latest developments and best practices.

New Releases
CloudFormation Guard 2.0
Amazon Location Service
API Gateway REST APIs now integrate with Step Functions Synchronous Express Workflows
Coffee-Break Reads
The State of Serverless
Favourite things we learned:
“In 2020, the median Lambda invocation took just 60 milliseconds—about half of the previous year’s value. One possible explanation is that more organizations are following Lambda best practices and designing functions to be highly specific to their workloads, which helps reduce the duration of invocations.”
“Most CloudFormation stacks include only one Lambda function” Why? These lambdas are doing simple auxiliary jobs, organisations are still in the early stage of adoption, or… monolithic Lambda functions 😱
Why Serverless will enable the Edge Computing Revolution
Serverless Bootcamp
New to Serverless or know someone who is?
12 Common Misconceptions about DynamoDB
And that’s it for this week! What do you think of the new format? Reply to this email and let us know!
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