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Serverless Transformation - Issue #4

Serverless Transformation - Issue #4
Tools, techniques, and case studies of using Serverless to release fast and scale optimally.

This newsletter is designed to share the best articles and content about Serverless as part of a wider effort to develop and share best practices in the Serverless development community.
In each issue we will select a small sample of the best content as we know there is only so much time you can spend reading content.
We’re all at different stages of Serverless adoption and experience so each article has a level explaining who it’s most appropriate for, allowing you to tailor your reading. (Rookie, Pro, Expert - not listed in this order)
Top 5
Top 10 Serverless Framework best practices
Amazon Aurora Serverless PostgreSQL Now Supports Data API
lumigo-CLI: CLI tool to help you develop and manage serverless applications.
Great reply from David Wells!
David Wells
In case you missed it.

Go yell "BUT THERE ARE SERVERS IN SERVERLESS" on this hackernews thread

TLDR; cost difference could be must lower if used ALB.

I'd still argue total cost of ownership is lower in serverless world.
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Serverless Transformation - by Theodo

Serverless Transformation

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