What Happened on SEO Twitter this week - Issue #24



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What Happened on SEO Twitter this week
What Happened on SEO Twitter this week - Issue #24
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Top 5 Tweets This Week
Dr. Marie Haynes🐧
Did you know that the type of E-A-T required to rank varies depending on what kind of site you have?

Improving E-A-T for a medical site is going to look very different than for a recipe site, for example. https://t.co/B2t8JmLdHa
So this tweet isn’t from this past week, but it came up on our timeline recently and we simply felt obligated to share; because it’s actionable of course! Super important to keep top of mind as you deal with yours and your clients’ content. If you’re operating in any Your Money Your Life niche (Law, Accounting, Health, etc) please remember that your tone and information must be as formal and informative as possible. For topics such as entertainment, recipes, or lifestyle commentary you can be more informal and/or humorous. Google of course understands your intended topic, and therefore will take this into account when determining your E-A-T.
Jay hustler SEO
5 Tips To Prevent Keyword Cannibalization.

-Merge content
-Delete content
-Remove keywords
-Alter your internal linking
-Change the sets of keywords

Optimizing multiple pages for a certain keyword is not particularly useful at all.

The goal of SEO is not tricking Google.
Say what you may about Jay and his tweets, but he really puts out such great nuggets of best practices and useful tips and tricks. Keyword Cannibalization isn’t really something we see talked about a lot on SEO Twitter (although we’ve definitely mentioned the power of deleting [duplicate] content), and it’s so important. There’s a multitude of Venn Diagrams where other negative practices, such as Keyword Stuffing, overlap to create Keyword Cannibalization. This quick checklist from Jay should definitely be in your SOP’s!! Thanks a million, Jay 💯
Measuring SEO ROI is hardly as straightforward as calculating ROI.

In this blog post, @michalpecanek shares the 6 main challenges of measuring SEO ROI, plus an alternative approach to take:

¡Número Tres para la semana! Calculating ROI is tricky in this space, as it varies so much from site to site, niche to niche. Ahrefs lays out an excellent six step guide for helping you calculate the worth of your time spent on a site’s SEO. Specifically, we love this point in Subtopic #3, Value Assisted Conversions: In GA4, go to Advertising > Attribution > Conversion paths, select the conversion event you want to analyze, and check the impact of organic search throughout customer journeys. This is huge for making sure that PPC ads are absolutely assisted by your SEO content. Don’t let PPC buyers take your credit! 😆
Krista Seiden
In Universal Analytics, you’re very used to going to the source/medium, campaign, or channel grouping report to find answers to questions like “where did my traffic come from” or “what site referred to me”.

You can do this in GA4 too! Here’s how, 🧵:
We love a quality Google Analytics thread, and this one from Krista is top notch. It’s so important to know how much of your traffic is currently organic, and began as organic! Krista details some excellent tips on how to view User and Traffic acquisition data for your site, and for landing pages specifically, so that you can better iterate on those landing pages going forward. Thanks again, Krista!❤️
To top off this week’s roundup, a controversial statement by the G Team; Toxic links don’t affect domain authority that much! John Mueller responded to a bad-link question on Reddit, saying that Google simply ignores them. What do you make of this?? Seems contradictory to applied SEO, no?
Tool of the Week
This week’s tool of the week is the blog help tool, Muse! Check it out below🔎
Dive into big ideas with Muse
Bill Slawski: In Memoriam
Bill Slawski, as I’m sure most of you know, was one of the SEO community’s most amazing contributors and leaders. His sudden passing, however despondent, doubles as an opportunity for anyone out there to share how he impacted their education, career, and/or character in general. If anyone has any stories, please feel free to share at https://www.billslawski.com/ ♥️
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