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Sensors - Quantum Issue #33

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Highlighting weekly insights into the world of sensors, a foundational technology behind the scenes of many high-growth and non-obvious market verticals from Biology to Industrial IoT.

While you hear about quantum computing with recent public market debuts from companies like IonQ, quantum sensing remains underhyped. Yet, many scientists believe that quantum may experience its first commercial success in sensing. That’s because quantum sensing can take advantage of the incredible sensitivity of quantum states that make applications in computing so challenging.
Quantum sensors are emerging as startups overcome the integration and manufacturing demands of the optical and electronics that make up the technology. Quantum sensors, as the name describes, use a quantum system, phenomena, or property to measure the physical world. Leveraging the quantum dimension allows these sensors to measure extremely tiny signals from the environment. Historical examples of quantum sensors include magnetometers based on superconducting quantum interference devices and atomic vapors or atomic clocks.
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