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Sensors - New Materials Issue #38

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Highlighting weekly insights into the world of sensors, a foundational technology behind the scenes of many high-growth and non-obvious market verticals from Biology to Industrial IoT.

The primary function of a sensor is to convert a physical or atomic change in the real world to an electrical change in the digital world. Most sensors, like MEMS, do so by the piezoelectric effect. The effect results from an interaction between a physical change in the real world (pressure, temperature, etc) and a mechanical change in the sensing material (specifically, a change to it’s crystalline structure) which causes the electrical change. While the piezoelectric effect has helped create widely successful applications like blood pressure monitoring and accelerometers, traditional piezoelectric materials do have limitations such as bio-compatibility and sensitivity.
There is emerging research showing how a similar effect to piezoelectric can be achieved in new materials that offer lead-free bio-compatibility and higher sensitivity. Expanding the range of sensing materials will create opportunities for new applications, manufacturing processes, and companies. Check out this week’s lineup for more!

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