The Chronicles of Nonia

The Chronicles of Nonia

By Brett Winters

The Chronicles of Nonia showcases the talents and identities of gender non-binary writers, artists, outdoor enthusiasts, environmental activists, and small business entrepreneurs.

As America's newest and least known minority group, gender non-binaries are underrepresented in the mainstream media and online. I want to help change this. My hope for this newsletter is to get a better gauge of how many self-identified gender non-binaries there are in the U.S. and beyond - so that we can coordinate our efforts at gaining greater recognition in culture and society.

Increased online recognition and acceptance will, in turn, allow us to feel freer to discuss our lifestyle choices and what this might mean for the future.

Please note that you don't have to self-identity as gender non-binary to subscribe. You only have to believe in the rightness of our cause and be willing to support it in the name of greater equality and civil rights for us all.

Thank you for your time. Namaste. Trust.

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